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Kentucky Basketball: Pins and Needles Type of Day

Don't worry, be happy!
Don't worry, be happy!

Good morning. fellow members of the Big Blue Nation. Well, the day we have been waiting on is finally here. It is Saturday. Our Kentucky Wildcats are about to take us on another exciting journey. Remember my little story I read you back in October? When I wrote that tale I felt we could make it to the Super Dome, but I was anxious see if we would actually make it to the Blue Bayou. And now, here we are.

There were so many reservations in October, for good reasons. We had heard of the talent and we were told youth might not have what it takes. Our Wildcats had something to prove and they have passed the tests. They entered this tournament riding high. Sitting at the top spot in the polls for weeks and grabbing the overall #1 seed for the dance.

Now, what is our role and how do we help?

I can't say I am worried, but I will say I am extremely anxious. I haven't slept well all week. Sure, I will admit it. I've tried to control my anxiousness, but many Wildcats fans are right in this boat with me. I have paid attention to the amount of Wildcat talk time at work this week. By yesterday, we were almost breaking the speed limit. Now that Saturday is finally here, I am stoked. I am not one to smack talk and brag before a game. That always seems to backfire on me. So I wait on pins and needles until game time trying to find anything blue that will help calm my nerves.

So nervous in fact I found a little song that helps and also continues Glenn's dark side, bad boy image we seem to be facing lately. The cute version didn't have enough "Raaa defense" to it.

One other thing I thought might help me this morning was to provide a little space where we could share our game day rituals. Don't worry about seeming too superstitious here. We are all in the same boat and totally committed till the end. Consider it your anxious-nervous-game-day-preparedness place.

Me? I am just about ready to put on my lucky t-shirt. But seriously I am thinking about getting all thirty of my UK shirts, piling them up in the floor in front of the TV, and sitting smack in the middle of them. Many, many shirts must be more lucky than one, right? Somebody help me, I have more than nine hours to go.

Go Big Blue!!!

One other note. Let's do this today Wildcats. Today marks four years since Mr. Wildcat, Bill Keightley's passing. Beating UofL for a trip to the final Big Dance would be so wonderful.