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Kentucky Basketball: Possession Usage Against Indiana

(click for larger image)

This graph shows how each of Kentucky's offensive possessions ended during their game against Indiana Friday night. The column heights are set to match the jersey number of the Wildcat who ended the possession and are colored blue if Kentucky scored any points and gray if they did not. In this way we can get a sense of how the ball was distributed on offense.

Possessions can end in 1 of 4 ways:

  • A missed shot rebounded by the defense
  • Turnover
  • A made field goal
  • Free Throws
I didn't distinguish between the four ways aside from whether points were scored or not. I think there are some interesting patterns though.
  • Terrence Jones was involved in the beginning and middle of the 1st half, but not much thereafter.
  • Much of the first quarter of the game belonged to Marquis Teague and Doron Lamb. These two also were involved pretty consistently in the 2nd half.
  • You can see where Michael Kidd-Gilchrist takes over in the latter part of the first half and then continues to be involved throughout the 2nd half.
  • Even after coming back to the floor in the 2nd half, it took Anthony Davis a little while to get involved offensively.
If you look closely you'll notice that the first half ends on Possession 38 and the second half begins with possession 40. This is because Indiana both started and ended the 1st half with the ball so their offense had it 39 times compared to UK's 38. IU also started the 2nd half with the ball (their 40th possession) and for various reasons it was easier to start UK at the same number in the 2nd half rather than at 39. For the game Indiana actually had the ball 2 more times than Kentucky did because they started and ended both halves with the ball. That's pretty rare, but it does happen occasionally.