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Indiana Hoosiers (4) at Kentucky Wildcats (1): South Regional Semifinal Open Game Thread

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Ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, this is it. This is what we have been waiting all week for, the regional semifinal game between the Kentucky Wildcats and the Indiana Hoosiers.


Before we get started, the picture to your right was sent to us by KYGRLNNM, sent to us from an undisclosed location where she and her fellow service members stand in harms way to keep the wolf from our door. She and her brothers and sisters walk the bitter watches of the night, so we can sleep in peace. May god bless her, and bless all our brave men and women serving in our armed forces abroad.

Now, for the particulars of tonight's game, courtesy of

Indiana at Kentucky
NCAA Tournament - Sweet 16
Kentucky vs. Indiana
Fri., Mar. 23 - 9:45 p.m. ET
Atlanta, Ga.
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Kentucky has faced this foe before, and lost. Tonight, a loss is finality -- the last loss of the season. The bitter ending. The leave-taking. This game is for the season.

Forget how these teams got here. It no longer matters. This is a match to the metaphorical death, because a the conclusion of this game, hopes die. Seasons die. Fans die, just a tiny bit. It's melodramatic, yes, but this game is the last game of the year for one of these fine teams.

What Kentucky must do to win:

  • Control the tempo. Indiana wants to play fast. Kentucky must force them to play slower than they want.
  • Attack the rim. Kentucky has several mismatches off the bounce, and UK must exploit them fully.
  • Stay at home on the three point shooters. This needs no exposition. Indiana is a great 3-point shooting team.
  • Force Zeller to beat us all by himself. Zeller will score points. If the other guys don't, this game is Kentucky's.
  • Protect Anthony Davis. He is the one insurmountable obstacle for the Hoosiers inside the paint.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, to paraphrase the movie Top Gun, "This is 'Bullseye'. There are Hoosiers in the area and tensions are high. Be prepared for anything. This is what we've been trained for."

This is it. Every game from here on in is it. Take nothing for granted. Win or go home. I'm not ready for Kentucky to come home.

Go, 'Cats!