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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Anthony Davis Wins Player of the Year Award

Brow down to your 2012 Adolph Rupp Award winner!
Brow down to your 2012 Adolph Rupp Award winner!

Like John Wall before him only two years ago, Anthony Davis has been awarded the 2012 Adolph Rupp award as the national player of the year.

The Adolph Rupp Award, named after the legendary Kentucky coach, is handed out annually by an independent panel of national sportswriters, coaches, and administrators, and is administered by the Commonwealth Athletic Club of Kentucky with a primary mission of honoring the legacy of the late, legendary coach of the Kentucky Wildcats after which the award is named.

From the Fox Sports article, this quote from Gerry Calvert of the Commonwealth Athletic Club:

"Regardless of records and individual achievement, the one thing Coach Rupp wanted out of a player was for him to make a difference in the game so that the team could win. That's exactly what Anthony has done this year for UK and, the fact that the only two Kentucky players to have won this award in 40 years have come during John Calipari's three years is a testament to his recruiting prowess."

The bizarre choice of pictures for the Fox article is ... questionable, but there is no doubt whatever that Davis deserved this honor, and may well receive others. He is currently up for the John R. Wooden award as well as other national player of the year awards.

Congratulations to Anthony Davis on an outstanding year and well-earned honor. Now, get out there, young man, and lead us to the Elite Eight!