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Big Blue Nation Linkapalooza: Bob Knight Drawing Fire Edition

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This whole thing that Bobby Knight has about mentioning Kentucky by name is beginning to draw the attention of the mainstream media as well as the blogs, and people are beginning to wonder about the guy. No, the Calipari and Kentucky haters are not among them, they are busily poo-pooing the matter.

Frankly, I just think it's fascinating that a man his age, with his life experiences, can revert to behavior we would rationally expect only out of a teenager. They say that when you get older, you start to revert. Maybe that's what we're seeing with Dear Bobby.

Here's your links:

Wildcats’ run came out of the blue // The Boston Globe

It was a frightening display of all-around basketball might and expertise, initiated by a suffocating defense and augmented by superb transition offense and deadly long-range marksmanship. Kentucky finished with 10-for-20 3-point shooting, thanks to a 6-for-7 second half.

A random act of journalism from a writer known for his scrupulous disdain for Calipari.

Kentucky basketball talent might keep John Calipari from seeking return to NBA //

Predictably, the question came to John Calipari the other day about his interest in the suddenly vacant New York Knicks job. And, just as predictably, Calipari repeated the line he’s been using for the past few weeks: "I’ve got the best coaching job at any level of basketball. Why would I want another one?"

Why indeed?

Rich Lowry: College basketball coach pushes players to pros // Sun Journal

The rationale for the NBA sending high-school players into the arms of Calipari and his counterparts is transparently transactional. It saves the league the trouble of developing young players on its own. The NBA subcontracts the job to the NCAA, which, in turn, makes ungodly amounts of money putting on one of the most entertaining shows on Earth every March.

Another political writer who should stick to what he knows.

UAB Men's Basketball Coach Mike Davis Will Not Be Retained // UAB Official Athletic Site

UAB cans Mike Davis. Via Rush the Court.

Doctor says Marshall playing still possible // ESPN

Dr. Christopher Sforzo, a Florida-based orthopedic surgeon who works extensively with professional tennis players, told there were basically two options -- immediate surgery, which would stabilize the wrist and give Marshall a chance to play, or to play with a cast.

Tough situation for Marshall and UNC. I wish the best for them both.

Unlucky in Kentucky: Wildcats sweep the defending champs // Garnet And Black Attack

The Gamecocks lost a trio of tight ball games in Lexington this weekend as the upstart Kentucky Wildcats (21-0, 3-0) shocked the nation by sweeping Ray Tanner's squad. Kentucky outscored the Gamecocks (15-4, 0-3) by a total of 14-9 in a series that highlighted South Carolina's desperate need to find some production at the plate.

Surprising Bat Cats stun the national champion Gamecocks.

Did Bruce Pearl commit another NCAA violation? // MrSEC

According to’s Brett McMurphy, junior Ohio guard DJ Cooper has told the network that two coaches contacted him after his freshman season and tried to lure him into a transfer. One coach was Baylor’s Scott Drew. The other was ex-Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl.

Could Pearl reach out from his coaching grave to smite the Vols with another violation?

Calipari: Kidd-Gilchrist has a "list of about nine things that he does when he’s not scoring" // vaughtsviews

"And he’s fine. He’s in there happy as heck. It’s what’s unique about this team. They know they’re not being judged by numbers. They’re being judged by how they’re playing as a team and as an individual."

That's why he's such an important part of this team, because he understands that basketball is more than points and shots.

Sports Radio Interviews // Tom Crean Says Both Kentucky and Indiana Have Improved Since Their First Meeting

Tom Crean joined The Dan Patrick Show to talk about what he is doing in preparation for the Kentucky game, whether he would tell people if he saw a weakness with the Wildcats, if he thinks Indiana has gotten better than Kentucky since the first time the two teams played, if he felt his job was on the line this season, and what it means to have Cody Zeller.

Batting Around: Week 5 // Garnet And Black Attack

2.) Kentucky Wildcats (21-0, 3-0 SEC) - However, Kentucky isn't far behind. The #16 Wildcats cracked to the Baseball America Top 25 this week for the first time this season in the wake of their sweep of the two-time defending national champion South Carolina Gamecocks (yes I will continue to say that all season because it appears I may not have the opportunity to do after this year). Kentucky is leading the SEC in nearly every offensive category except for the two taken by Florida above.

There is more. Read the whole thing.

Bobby Knight Still Won’t Talk About Kentucky, Not Even When You Try Him on His Cell Phone // The Big Lead

Anyway, I called Knight on his cell phone today inquiring about why he won’t say the word "Kentucky" on air. Here’s how it went down:

Q: Hi Mr. Knight, my name is Jason McIntyre and I write for The Big Lead. We write about sports and the media and I was calling to ask you about the NCAA tournament, specifically, Kentucky.

Knight: How did you get this number?

Q: Just a source. I’ve been in the media for a few years and … [cuts me off]

Knight (voice audibly raised): HOW DID YOU GET THIS NUMBER?

Be sure and read the whole thing. I don't really blame Knight for being unhappy about being bugged on his cell phone about this, but his reaction is clearly not the right one for a man in his position.

Video Blog: If Sean Miller leaves, who should Arizona hire? // 110 Sports Podcast

Victor and Matt from discuss the possibility that Sean Miller could leave Arizona. The two most realistic opportunities at this moment would be Jim Calhoun retiring from UConn or John Calipari jumping back into the NBA for the New York Knicks job.

Well, I suppose we would take a look at Miller if Calipari left, but I put those odds at less than one percent. The Knicks don't want him, and I have a feeling that the feeling is mutual.

In the N.C.A.A. Tournament, It’s Kentucky and a Pack of 15 //

Kentucky is obviously the country’s most-talented team: years from now people will look back in wonderment that a single college team included such talent. The Web site Draft Express projects the star freshmen big men Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to be the No. 1 and No. 2 picks in the coming N.B.A. draft. The inconsistent sophomore Terrence Jones projects at No. 20 and the sophomore Doron Lamb projects early in the second round.

This is quite possibly the most talented Kentucky team in modern history. I think that can be debated for teams in the distant past, but this is one amazing team, no doubt.

It may rival 2009 North Carolina as the most talented college basketball team in modern history. Depending on the outcome of the season, that would be hard to argue.

Richard Deitsch of SI blasts Bob Knight, demands action by ESPN

How does this serve ESPN viewers? It doesn’t. But this isn’t really about Bob Knight refusing to say the name Kentucky. This is about Bob Knight dictating what Bob Knight does as an analyst, something he’s done on his ESPN Radio Mike and Mike segments and beyond. And it doesn’t take Inspector Clouseau to figure out what Knight’s issues are here. A quick Google search of Knight and John Calipari shows the origins. So Knight doesn’t like Calipari. Fine. Man up, tell the audience why, and then do the job you are paid to do as a professional broadcaster. Stop insulting me as a viewer with this petulant act. That ESPN management caters to this might be the most befuddling aspect of all. I personally think Knight is a very good game analyst but he brings zero additional audience or revenue to a broadcast.

Read the whole thing.

Bob Knight refused to say ‘Kentucky’ this weekend // Yahoo! Sports

Judging by comments from respected media critics like Richard Deitsch, I must be the only one who finds this amusing and doesn't think Knight's juvenile behavior besmirches ESPN's credibility. This is mainly because I long ago stopped harboring delusions about ESPN's credibility.

Yes, that's fine, but then there's this:

I don't want to live in a sanitized sports world where everyone minds their Ps and Qs and adheres to Bristol's undoubtedly huge book of rules and regulations. I like that Bob Knight is out there ripping John Calipari. When you watch Kentucky play on CBS this weekend, Calipari's vacated titles and shady recruiting practices will be glossed over. That's a far more egregious journalistic sin.

Of course, we are all left to figure out why this is a "more egregious journalistic sin." Calipari doesn't have any vacated titles that I remember, but he does have one vacated Final Four and one vacated NCAA Tournament Final, both due to player misbehavior. But Chase apparently doesn't want you to think about that, any more than he wants to get the facts of the matter Correct.

Don't buy what this oaf is selling. It stinks. You'd be better off listening to Gary Parrish when he tells you that the "Anthony Davis Got Paid" bilge from the Chicago Sun-Times would be an issue this year. Does anyone remember it being mentioned since the tournament began? Oops, did I just ...

It's going to be awkward for ESPN and Bob Knight if Kentucky wins the NCAA Tournament // Awful Announcing

This situation between Knight and Kentucky is so blatantly childish that even Rick Reilly criticized his ESPN colleague on Twitter. You know we're deep in a quagmire if Rick Reilly is being the voice of reason.

Heh. Ouch.

John Calipari only coach to reach last five Sweet 16s // John Clay's Sidelines

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, hater-baters.

BBL: UK women win; Shabazz, Noel and Bennett news // John Clay's Sidelines

John Clay's Big Blue Links.

TKB Week in Review //

A league source told TKB that Phil Jackson has "definite interest" in coaching the Knicks while another confirmed that John Calipari does not at this point.

Arizona Wildcat Legend Miles Simon Talks Final Four, Anthony Davis and Pac-12 Future // Arizona Desert Swarm

Kentucky Sports Radio // What They Are Saying: The Indiana Forums

Yes, you can expect to see plenty of this.

Kentucky Sports Radio // The Henry Iba Coach of the Year isn’t John Calipari

No worries there. I think Haith did a great job.

March Madness Personifies Core Values of the New Heartland // Forbes

That’s because our fanaticism for college sports starts, quite literally, in the womb. In Heartland states moms sing their babies to sleep – in utero – with their team’s fight song. We decorate nurseries with logoed blankies, stuffed mascot toys and all manner of baby paraphernalia sporting our favorite team. We drag sleepy toddlers to games before they can even dribble a ball. I actually know people that pay upwards of $1,000 for an NCAA basketball season ticket for their two-year-old.

Interesting take.

Anthony Davis the rare player who came to UK with big hype and exceeded expectations // vaughtsviews

Anthony Davis came to Kentucky with big expectations — and may have exceeded them.

I'd say he has, in many ways.

The Morning Mix // CollegeBasketballTalk

Some interesting tidbits.

Good Samaritan returns purse containing $4K // The Courier-Journal

A northern Kentucky mother is overjoyed after a Good Samaritan returned a purse containing nearly $4,000 in cash.

We just don't get enough news like this anymore.

Kentucky wants revenge against Indiana //

That would be They Who Must Not Be Named, since Bob Knight refuses to on ESPN - and he gets paid to talk about college basketball. And if you've spent much time around Knight, you know there are very few words he hasn't used.

Heh. Hat Tip: Anthony Wireman.