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94-feet at Cyclone Edition

In my 94-feet feature, I take a look at the short history of UK vs. Iowa State, and examine the basketball life of Cyclone head coach Fred Hoiberg. In addition, there is an interesting UK-ISU connection involving former UK assistant coach Lynn Nance. Here's an excerpt:

Nance, who worked for the NCAA for one year before coming to Kentucky, is probably best remembered by UK fans for being the man who confronted then-Indiana coach Bob Knight after Knight smacked Coach Hall in the back of the head toward the end of the UK-IU game in December 1974 (a 98-74 IU win). Referees and coaches intervened, so no blood was shed, but Nance will forever be remembered for showing true grit when taking on the General.

For the full story go here and go 'Cats!