SEC Women's Tournament: First Round Recaps

Allrighty then. The first round of the SEC Women's Tourney is in the books, so let's review. In Kentucky's bracket, the Cats face #8 Florida, and #5 Arkansas faces #4 LSU. On the flipside of the bracket Tennessee and Vandy will be hooking up right after the UK game, and the last game of the day will feature Georgia taking on South Carolina. How did they get there? Let's take a look, and then a venture into how the tourney is going to go from here.

Florida features a balanced attack and simply just played hard the whole game against Auburn. They don't make a lot of mistakes unless they are pressed, and Auburn cannot press. Blanche Alverson amounted to about 40% of the Auburn offense, and you cannot win in the SEC at Tournament time with that kind of an attack. not unless you play some intense defense.Florida 70- Auburn 60.

Vanderbilt is just a really good team, and Melanie Balcomb is one smart coach. And other than a 16-4 run for Mississippi State in the second half when they cut the lead to three, Vandy did everything just right. But they were plenty strong enough to overcome Miss.State in the end and closed them out 67-51 so they can suit up and face Tennessee tomorrow.

Arkansas plays hard, runs hard, and mostly shoots well, as thay sank 9 3-pointers in their burying of Ol' Miss 67-47. they were on a six game slide and had not won in three weeks going into this game, but you would have never know it by watching them play. And they are going to need every bit of that restored shooting to face LSU tomorrow. LSU plays hard and they play mean and they don't take prisoners. They are not afraid to get down inside and bang to get to the boards, and they thrive on physicality.

For some reason, Alabama seems to only be able to get up for a game against Kentucky...why I do not know. but they were not ready for S.Carolina, and they stayed behind all night when they should have at least been able to make a strong showing. Of course 20+ turnovers will break the best of us in good times. Carolina is strong on the boards, and can bang and hang with the best of them, so they put this one away early and never looked back.

So, you are going to see 8 NCAA Tournament teams (according to experts)go at it tomorrow. And they are going to go at it hard. All of these teams are not only fighting to win the SEC Tournament, but they are all fighting for those higher NCAA bids. Look for the Cats, Tennessee, LSU, and Georgia to advance to the third round on Saturday.

If you love college basketball, and I know you do, don't miss the Friday action. It will be nothing short of spectacular. Assuming the weather doesn't tear down the city of Nashville. Stay safe Big Blue Nation, and enjoy the beginnings of March Madness!!!