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At -- Where are they now: Deron Feldhaus

In the latest installment of the "Where are they now" feature at, I talk to one of the all-time Unforgettable 'Cats, Deron Feldhaus. He talks about his time in Japan playing professionally, as well as his thoughts on this year's version of the Wildcats, plus, much, much more. Here's an excerpt:

As one of the four Unforgettables, Deron Feldhaus will be remembered as a member of the Wildcat team responsible for bringing Kentucky basketball back from the depths of probation to respectability and prominence.

It's a team UK basketball fans tuck closely to their hearts, remembering the loyalty and perseverance Richie Farmer, John Pelphrey, Sean Woods, and Feldhaus displayed so prominently during their reigns as Kings of the Commonwealth. They stayed when others around them were leaving; they stayed even though they had no coach, no possibility of postseason play, and no real chance of being successful.

For the full story, go here.