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Kentucky Basketball: LSU Suspends White, Demonstrates Class And Honor. SEC? Not So Much ...

You may think, from reading that title, that I was satisfied with the outcome, but that would be incorrect. I would have been fine with whatever decision coach Trent Johnson made about Malcolm White, because quite frankly, I've never doubted Johnson's class and honorable character.

Here is on what is hopefully the final chapter in l'affaire White:

"The decision was made real quick," Johnson said. "It was a matter of not getting caught up in what's going on on the chat boards and all that stuff in Lexington. I know what Malcom White's about and that was very disturbing what happened, but we squashed it right away and moved forward."

First of all, there is no reason for coach Johnson to listen to any of the Big Blue Nation. We have the right to our collective opinion and outrage, as applicable, but he has the right to run his team as he sees fit. If Johnson were to assure me that the suspension was unnecessary, I would have accepted that uncritically. Johnson was known as a class individual at Stanford (who would hardly hire a lout), and it's impossible for me to imagine that anything changed in the last few years.

I happen to think very highly of LSU's basketball program, always have. But my critique of the SEC's position on this matter remains unchanged, and in fact, has hardened somewhat into genuine indignity. I'm looking at you, Commissioner Slive. The comments made in connection with this matter by the SEC are unacceptable and require revision. If that means a membership vote, get it done quickly, sir. I don't see this as optional. Basketball players need protection by the league as well as the schools.

Kudos to LSU and coach Johnson for their transparency, sincerity, and muscular concern for the well-being of basketball athletes. Kudos also to White for his sincerely expressed apologies.

Razzies to the SEC for their toothless policy of non-intervention were a school to fail it's duty in this area.