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Big Blue Nation Linkapalooza: Ole Miss Edition

As we get ready for Ole Miss tomorrow afternoon, here are a ton of juicy links that run the gamut of interest from the sublime to the absurd.

Let's start with this video:

Nerlens Noel #1 Player in the NATION Mixtape 2012 // YouTube

Okay, this one is actually worth watching. Most importantly, pay attention to how Noel uses his left hand -- he uses it to block, to shoot, everything but dunk. He may not be to the level of John Wall as far as ambidexterity is concerned, but he's the closest I've ever seen, especially with this kind of size.

Imagine how good Davis could be if he could use both hands like this guy. My mind is too small. I really want him a lot after seeing this.

Julius Randle: Coaches' calls and playoff time // ESPNHS

Pretty cool blog from Julius Randle, one of the major UK recruits for 2013.

The Daily Illini // March Madness has already started

Even while in Memphis, John Calipari had talented teams that were never able to win it all. With that said, one of the differences for this Kentucky team compared to the past two is the fact it has talented and experienced players such as Terrence Jones and Doron Lamb. The team has been beating the SEC pretty handily, which makes sense because it is not the toughest conference, but come March, we will see if the young Wildcats can finally give Calipari that much-needed championship.

Nerlens Noel visiting Kentucky this weekend // ESPN Boston

As a senior, he [Nerlens Noel] has a longer résumé and a more menacing profile as a rejecter than Davis had at the same time. Having said that, Davis’ rookie season at Kentucky is historic, and the improvements he’s made are astronomical. It would be difficult for Noel, or Dwight Howard for that matter, to replicate Davis’ defensive season.
Heh. Gotta love it.

The Worst Column Written About Sports Ever Published // From Our Editors -

I don't know if this is true, but David Brooks didn't know if Jeremy Lin being a religious person in professional sports was either, and it's right there in the New York Times. Athletes in every locker room of every professional sport fit the standard layout of religiosity. Some are quietly irreligious, some go to church and neatly pair it with an active live of vice, and some are teetotalling tithers who judge you for improperly ironed slacks while inviting you to bible study. Try to find an NFL team without a Bible study group, David Brooks, and we will have an anomaly.

It just gets better after this, and is one glorious take-down. If you read nothing else today, read this. I promise, it's worth it.

Jeff Teague, Marquis Teague at heart of basketball's point-guard revolution // Lee Jenkins -

Jeff is nearly five years older than Marquis and cannot remember ever playing one-on-one with him. But as Jeff was leaving Pike High School in Indianapolis, Shawn was taking Marquis to his adult-league games, starting the process over again. Jeff spent two years at Wake Forest, became an All-American, and a first-round pick by the Hawks in 2009. Marquis became the most vaunted point guard in last year's recruiting class and the latest tabbed by Calipari.

Nice article featuring the Teague family.

SEC Basketball: 'Cats in position to go unbeaten in SEC play with five left //

"Any time, in any league, it's very, very difficult (to run the table)," Florida coach Billy Donovan said. "It's very hard. You have to go on the road, and you're going to have games where you're not at your best and you're going to have some setbacks.

Three Wildcats appear in CBS's Freshman of the Year update // Kentucky Wildcats

Calipari will find ways to make Kentucky continue "getting better" // vaughtsviews

Indeed he will.

The College Hoops Hate Index // The Money Shot

Calipari's in terrific company here. This could have easily been a who's who of college basketball coaches.

I just wonder what's going to happen to guys like this if he ever wins an NCAA Tournament or three besides hope for an NCAA investigation? We can always hope that suicide is an option...

Okay, that was way too harsh. Maybe just a visit by the FBI or something.

UK vs. Ole Miss – 3 things to watch // The Kentucky Kernel

One2One: John Calipari //CBS Sports - YouTube

Michigan State, Notre Dame rise; OSU falls in latest Power Rankings // Luke Winn -

Via Rush The Court.