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Kentucky Basketball: Digger Phelps' Comments at Vanderbilt

Well, this has been all the rage around the Big Blue Nation, so I think it bears discussion here. This:

In this video, if you haven't listened by now, or can't, here is the substance of what Digger Phelps says from this article by Eric Crawford:

"This is important," he went on. "We've been with you at Kentucky. This is Vandy's home game (cheers). This is Vandy's (pause) listen to me. Listen to me. It's their home game."


"You (UK fans) are a part of it. But you show respect for Vandy. I don't want any nonsense. I don't want any incidents. Don't ruin this for College GameDay."

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First of all, if this is something that GameDay does at every big game they attend, I think we have nothing to complain about -- if (and I think if is the operative word) it's part of ESPN's standard operating procedure to warn opposing fans before every GameDay show not to make a mess of things, then that's fine.

In any case, Phelps is a known Kentucky detractor and like most UK fans, I'm going to assume that this isn't SOP and that Phelps just wanted to get a dig in. And even if it is SOP, singling out UK fans by name not to "ruin it for Gameday" is just the wrong thing to say to any group of people.

I know it will come as a shock to some, but the respect thing works both ways, and it is not okay to implicitly license home fans to act the fool and for opposing fans to be asked to sit there and take it. Kentucky fans weren't there illegally or unethically, they were there to support their team, and had just as much right to be in attendance as any Vandy fan.

By the way, this is in no way meant to be a commentary on Vanderbilt. They had a great crowd show up, and as far as I know, they treated Kentucky fans well enough. At least they didn't shout profanity at our women and knock them down. As far as I'm concerned, it isn't necessary for opposing fans to give more than a chin jut and a "What's up?" [The first person to correctly identify that reference gets a free .PDF copy of Wildcat Tip-Off 2011-2012 - Ed.]

Dear Digger: You can have the front half of that horse now, to go with the prodigious back half you already walk around with. [see the link just above for the proper context to all who may be unfamiliar with it].