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Kentucky Basketball: Karl Towns Jr. Displays Skills

This video shows off some of Karl Towns Jr.'s basketball skills.

Karl Towns Jr. committed to Kentucky today. This game shows off a lot of his skillset, which isn't what you might think.

Towns is not an extremely athletic kid by today's standards. He's extremely long and tall, but what sets him apart is his intelligence (He currently has a Brandon Knight-esque 4.3 GPA in high school and takes mostly advanced placement classes), his handle for his size, and his shooting. Towns is a remarkable shooter, and has a lightning-quick release that calls Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant immediately to mind. Towns has NBA 3-point range on his jumper.

His weaknesses are quickness (he isn't the quickest of athletes) and a lack of overall aggressiveness. He's a really nice kid who takes care of business in the classroom, is disciplined, and shares the basketball maybe a little too much on the court.