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Second Half Game Thread: Kentucky 43, Lipscomb 29

The first half was uneven and marked by many missed shots and somewhat soft defense.

Nerlens Noel has guarded the paint pretty well today.
Nerlens Noel has guarded the paint pretty well today.

The Lipscomb Bisons outshot the Kentucky Wildcats in the first half, 46-43%. Kentucky was really inefficient, missing many wide-open looks from everywhere and taking wild shots inside.

The first half was ugly basketball, but it was pretty for one thing -- effort. The Wildcats gave excellent effort on both sides of the ball, although they were constantly out of position and biting on fakes defensively.

Calipari will like the effort, and he will like some of the offensive possessions. This half was feast or famine -- a beautiful offensive set would be followed by two that looked like this team had never practiced together. The 3-2 zone the Bison went to threw Kentucky for a loop and essentially neutered their offense.

Let's hope for more efficiency this half. Go, 'Cats!