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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - 75 Years of Madness Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Vince Morrow Kentucky football's latest coaching acquisition. Calipari impresses Julius Randle. Neal Brown's family happy he's back at UK. NCAA honors all-time greats, including UK teams, stars, and moments. More.

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Yes, Anthony Davis is one of the great players in the 75 Years of Madness.
Yes, Anthony Davis is one of the great players in the 75 Years of Madness.
Andy Lyons

The NCAA is honoring the all-time great players, teams, and moments for the celebration of 75 years of the NCAA tournament.

Tweet of the Morning:

Good to hear. Wonder how that will fit into the Air Raid?

Your Quickies:

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Kentucky basketball
Other UK sports
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College football
College basketball
  • Wow. A bit of a surprise
  • Did the Big East core of Catholic basketball schools finally wake up? // ESPN

    But here's the twist in all of that: As the Big East continues to bastardize its product, adding schools that offer FBS football teams, if not competitive ones, and basketball programs, if not traditional or successful ones, those schools are only hurting their name brands anyway.
    Exactly. The Big East is an object lesson in reactionary politics, and why they are a bad idea.
Other sports news
  • It's not the least bit surprising to me. What surprises me is that he was even a first-rounder:
  • Mayo Says DeMarcus Cousins "Has Mental Issues" After Altercation //
    I don't know, DeMarcus, not sure that was "unintentional." Might have been, and it's really hard to tell for sure, but my reaction was that it looked deliberate. Still, for OJ Mayo to call Cousins immature is one of those "Pot, meet kettle" moments.