UK Hoops: Where's A'Dia?

For those of you who follow the women's game with fervor, you will know why I am asking this question. And more importantly, you are asking it yourself. Where is A'Dia Mathies? What has happened to the leader of this team, and what can be done to get her back in her groove for the remainder of the season? Why am I asking what has happened to her? Has she disappeared? Well, physically, no, she has not. But in the world of UK Hoops, she has. And it is having an effect on this team, and it is not a good one.

But wait, A'Dia is leading the team in scoring at 13 ppg, minutes at 27.3, FG Attempts, 3pt FG attempts, she's right there man!! This is where stats can be misleading, because there are a host of others that are telling the real story. FG% 39.1 That's offensive in Mitchell's layup-oriented offense, and she is next to last on the team. Ft% .682 which is bad enough, but she is not getting to the line either. She is only 3rd in FT attempts. For a slasher and driver in the lane like A'Dia, it's less than stellar, way less. She has also fouled out of 2 of the 9 games that UK has played. The cold hard truth is that A'Dia is off her game, way off and it does not appear to be getting any better. And this is the time of year that a player of A'Dia's caliber should be racking up points and assists and other stats like cordwood, getting ready for winter.

Now, while some of you are going to look at those stats and say ok, she's having a decent year, consider this. A'Dia is the SEC Player of The Year for 2011-2012. She averaged 43% shooting last year, and at least 3.5 more minutes per game. She led the team in scoring 4 out of the first 5 games of the year, and has not come close since.

There is a problem here folks. I don't know if it's a head problem, a physical problem, or a communications problem, but there is definitely a problem. UK needs A'Dia Mathies. And we need her now. The SEC season is almost upon us, and that grind of playing tight games every week is going to become a nightmare if she is not on her game. I am going on record as saying if A'Dia is not back on her game in the next game or two, then she may find herself unable to get back to where she needs to be. I hope Coach Mitchell can devise something to get her back on top of things, because we need her. And we need her the best she can be.