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Kentucky Wildcats Football: Fanthropology -- The Loyalty of Wildcats Fans

Kentucky Wildcats fans are absurdly loyal and dedicated, despite the frequent travails of the Wildcats football program. Here is a chance for your loyalty to pay off, big time.

Fan against all odds?  You could win two tickets to any collge game, including airfare and hotel.
Fan against all odds? You could win two tickets to any collge game, including airfare and hotel.
Andy Lyons

Every so often I get to bring you an opportunity to win really great prizes, and this is such a time. Hyundai is doing a very cool thing for college football fans -- sponsoring one person and a companion (please consider yours truly if you have nobody else you'd rather bring) to the college football game of your choice, complete with airfare, hotel and tickets. Is that awesome, or what? Rose Bowl in sunny Passadena? Yep. Alabama-Auburn? Sure, if you don't mind seeing a murder. BCS Championship game? Yes, indeed. Any regular-season or bowl game you like.

So why is Hyundai doing this? Because it wants to reward the most loyal, die-hard fans it can find, and here at A Sea of Blue, we're fortunate enough to have a good number of die-hard, loyal fans who flat-out love college football. Yes, I know we love basketball too, but this right here is about football fandom. If you aren't a football fan, well, maybe we'll have a contest for you later.

Here's how this thing works -- in the comments below, you tell us why you are such a huge, loyal fan of Kentucky football. Why do you go to the games in the cold rain when we're 1-8? Why do you throw things at your television when the other team scores. Why do you jump up and down so vigorously during a game that that the U.S. Geological Survey can measure it on the Richter scale?

You all know how I feel about Wildcats football, because through all this difficult season, I have always been there with the Virtual Tailgate, the open threads, the news, the follow-ups, and the postmortems. I spend half my time thinking about the subject of Kentucky football. My wife has to constantly tell me to tone it down even when the Wildcats are getting beaten badly, and I watch every minute of every game. I know many of you put me to shame, though. So give yourself a chance and tell us why!

I will read all your comments, then select the best among them to represent A Sea of Blue as a finalist for this prize. How that will work is, the finalist and I will have a conversation that will be posted on the front page of A Sea of Blue where probably 5-8000 people will have a chance to read it. If you're shy, and don't want to have that conversation, then just let me know and I'll pick someone else, no hard feelings. So feel free to comment all you want, even if you're not interested in the prize, or having your name plastered all over the front page.

If A Sea of Blue's finalist and I have the best conversation among all the other finalists, our guy or gal wins! That's all there is to it. If we can jointly blow away the competition, you get to go to the game of your choice, regular or post-season, including tickets, hotel, and air fare. As a bonus, you get to bring a friend, and when you're thinking about who that is, don't forget who helped ya!

So get cracking. Write about how, why, and even when you are the most loyal, rabid, and downright ungodly UK football fan of all time, and your passion could get you a ticket to ... well, pretty much wherever they're playing college football this year. You could even go to the Tennessee-Kentucky game down in Knoxville, although if you opted for that one, you have taken Kentucky fandom to a level that cannot be reconciled with sanity, I'm afraid.

So bring it on! Show everybody how when it comes to being a die-hard loyalist, John McClane ain't got nothing on you!

By commenting below, you are subject to and accept the terms and conditions of the Hyundai Fanthropology Sweepstakes.