Stir the pot. Petrino wants the Kentucky job.

The Courier Journal's Adam Himmelsbach interviewed Bobby Petrino's father and discussed fly fishing in Montana. I wish. He actually spouted some surely to be cited quotes to re-fan the flames of Petrinoistas:

I just know this, that he’s interested in Kentucky


I know he wants a job; he needs a job... He just misses coaching so much.

This should be good for a week of increased discussion on the Petrino story of which we've already had quite a bit. There are those for and those against. Plainly, I'm in the latter group to a large degree because of his well covered history. Additionally, though I'm like mind with many folks at Auburn; that is, his hiring would be a divisive hire by Barnhart at a time the fan base can't withstand that type of fracturing.

Actually, the article may do us some good. Its good to have a position open that is coveted by the person perceived by many as the best available today for any program. So now we'll see if UK can keep from pulling the trigger for a month. The next month will allow contacts to be made, clarification of which coaches are in or out of play and a thorough search to be made. Along the way we'll also get a clearer picture of the competition - Tenn, Auburn, Southern Cal, etc.?