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College Football Top 25: Draft BlogPoll Ballot - Post-Week 10

A Sea of Blue's draft post-week 10 college football BlogPoll ballot.

It seems that the BlogPoll software is having some technical issues, so what we don't see is the change from last week on my draft ballot, which looks as follows. As usual, my comments follow the ballot:

Since I can't see my changes, I'll just have to make the observations that occur to me based on last week's performances:

  • Oregon is for real. They have proven it to me. They are worthy to challenge Alabama.
  • Despite LSU's best effort, they are not the best team in college football this year.
  • Without Collin Klein, Kansas State would not be my #3 choice.
  • I hate having Ohio St. where it is, but you can't ignore what they've done.
  • Can South Carolina continue to win without Marcus Lattimore? Fortunately, they have Arkansas at home and FCS Wofford for the next two games before they have to face arch-rival Clemson, and Clemson has been playing well. I worry about that game.
  • No way Louisville gets more than a #15 vote from me with the schedule they've played.
  • I have no idea what to make of Texas. Or of Texas Tech, for that matter.
  • We beat Kent St. 47-14, and yet here they are with only one loss on the schedule -- Kentucky. What might have been...
  • See the #20 team? You know who coaches that team, right? Just askin...

Add your comments below. Final ballot is at 9:00 AM tomorrow.