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College Football Top 25: Blogpoll Draft Ballot, Post-Week 13

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish look to be the #1 team in the land after defeating Southern Cal this weekend. Alabama is my #2, and Georgia #3. The SEC is dominant again with 5 of the top 10 teams.

The post-week 13 draft ballot for A Sea of Blue looks like this. As usual, my comments follow the ballot


  • Being on the road, I didn't have access to my normal resources. If something looks seriously out of whack, please let me know.
  • So it looks to me like it will be Notre Dame and the winner of the SEC championship game between Alabama and Georgia in the BCS championship game. I think Florida's path to the championship was foreclosed by Notre Dame beating USC this weekend.
  • Can you believe there are 3 sets of "Aggies" in this top 25? Has that ever happened before?
  • Has Kent St. ever been ranked inside the top 20? More importantly, how many 11-1 teams have a loss to a 2-11 team (Kentucky) as the only blemish on their record?
  • How tough is the SEC? Half the top ten are occupied by SEC teams, and you can make a strong case for a sixth.
  • I know I didn't move up Ohio St. even after their big victory over Michigan. That's because they aren't bowl-eligible, and I capped their rise at #6. A team on probation does not deserve a top five ranking.
  • How satisfying is it to see Louisville unranked? Soft schedule = upsets by inferior teams.

That's what I have. Your comments and suggested corrections are most welcome.