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SEC Bowl Projections: Week 14

Saturday was a big day for the SEC, with the conference going undefeated in rivalry games against the ACC. With only the SEC Championship Game left before Bowl Season, the SEC bowl picture is getting clearer.


Today we'll keep the preface to a minimum. As any college football fan knows, the Georgia Bulldogs will face off against the Alabama Crimson Tide on Saturday night in the SEC Championship game. The winner will face Notre Dame in the National Championship Game on January 7. The Florida Gators played their way into a BCS Bowl by beating the Florida St. Seminoles. The win virtually guarantees the Gators a top 4 finish which equates to an automatic berth.

The Mississippi Rebels punched their ticket to bowl season with a home win over the Mississippi St. Bulldogs. Despite this, the SEC leaves several bowl slots unfilled as Auburn, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri and Arkansas all failed to qualify.

One other note. The SEC has three tie-ins with the Big 10 (Capital One, Outback, Gator). The B1G will likely suffer during bowl season because neither Ohio St. or Penn St. are eligible. Though the law of averages will probably prevent it, the notion of the SEC doing undefeated this bowl season isn't farfetched.

National Championship

Alabama (I still like the Tide in this game but I have no reason to believe Georgia cannot play with them. It should be a great game)


Florida (As I said above, this one is a given. Assuming Oklahoma defeats TCU this weekend, they are a likely opponent.)

Capital One

Texas A&M Aggies (A little unfair to pick over Georgia here, but with Johnny Manziel looking good to win the Heisman, it will be hard to pass the Aggies up. A&M could end up playing Michigan, who I suspect they will slaughter.)


LSU Tigers (Natural pick geographically and in terms of team strength. Texas or Oklahoma St. should be the opponent)


Georgia Bulldogs (I suppose South Carolina could slide into this spot.)


South Carolina Gamecocks (This is 6 bowl slots filled and we haven't left the BCS Top 10.)


Mississippi St. (Toughest call on the board. Vandy is equally deserving of playing on New Year's Day. Who's fans will travel better to a second tier bowl in Jacksonville?)

Music City



Ole MIss (Contrary to what I said last week, the Music City now picks before the Liberty Bowl. The Liberty is now on equal footing with the BBVA Compass Bowl, meaning the last team can pick its destination. I've been to both Bowls and know which one I'd plck. Also, as I mentioned last week, this works out perfect geographically for Ole Miss.)

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