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Long Island Blackbirds 75, Kentucky Wildcats (8) 104

The Kentucky Wildcats showed improved rebounding and defense taking care of the LIU Blackbirds tonight.

Alex Poythress had a strong game against LIU-Brooklyn.
Alex Poythress had a strong game against LIU-Brooklyn.
Andy Lyons

It's nice to see improvement on the court, and the Kentucky Wildcats apparently saw a lot of it as they easily defeated the Long Island U. Blackbirds 104-75 tonight.

Thanks to the LIU Blackbirds for pushing Kentucky early with their fast-paced game. I can't really comment on how well or poorly they played, but I can express my appreciation for them coming to Rupp Arena and doing their best.

Since I didn't actually get to see the game, we'll have to do a postmortem by committee tonight. Those of you who saw the game can write about the good and the bad in the comments.

A quick stats summary:

You can check out the full stats over at the Worldwide Leader.

Now, I have to find something to eat. That shouldn't be too hard here in Las Vegas.