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Sean Woods Apologizes For Comments

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Sean Woods apologized for his earlier comments that seemed critical of the Kentucky Wildcats, as reported by the Courier-Journal:

Woods had some somewhat harsh words to say about UK’s players. He said he encountered the Wildcats while participating in the UK telethon earlier this month to raise funds to benefit the victims of Superstorm Sandy at WKYT in Lexington.

Woods said he didn’t like "the vibe" and said he sensed a feeling of entitlement.

First of all, there was nothing taken out of context here. Woods explained later today that he simply said something more specific than it was intended to be. From Kyle Tucker's blog:

ON HIS COMMENTS ABOUT THE CATS: "What I meant was just: In today’s society, kids are different. I didn’t want and would never try to degrade Kentucky basketball players or this program. I’m just saying society in general – and heck, I’m dealing with it. Phil Simms (former NFL QB) was at our game a week and a half ago at the Barclays Center. And here’s a Super Bowl MVP and my guys have no idea who he is or played at Morehead State University. So it’s just universal. But I just, to set the record straight: I love my university. Everybody knows that. John Calipari has been great to me and I would never do anything to hurt him in his situation. He’s doing a heckuva job and I love him dearly.

"And whoever wears this uniform becomes my instant brother. By saying that, I don’t want to talk about this anymore. I didn’t mean how it came out. I’m sorry how it came out. But I was just talking in general about this day and age more so than anything else. And the situation about the deal at WKYT (the Sandy telethon), that was just something I shouldn’t even have said. So by saying that, this is over and all I want to do is talk about my basketball program, and if you guys want to talk about our game against UK, we can do that."

As I said in the quickies, I totally get what he was trying to say, and although he said it poorly, I sympathize with his opinion. Many of us have lamented the weakening of Kentucky's legend among younger players, and Calipari has said himself that most of these kids were too young to remember Kentucky's last championship.

I think his apology was well done, and I'm proud to welcome him back to Kentucky.