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College Football Top 25: Draft BlogPoll Ballot - Ducks Down, Tide Up

Oregon and Kansas St. have critical losses that take them from the catbird seat to outside looking in.

What a wild weekend in college football. Just as SEC fans had written off the Crimson Tide, they get all the help they need to vault back into the BCS Championship game with only the Iron Bowl remaining.

Here's my draft ballot. Discussion follows, as usual:


  • So let me get this straight -- Alabama beats FCS Western Carolina, and vaults back into second place from fourth. College football is weird, isn't it?
  • What a collapse by Kansas St. against Baylor. Anyone can be upset, but did anyone see a 52-24 drubbing coming at the hands of the Bears, who lost to TCU at home and gave up 70 points to West Virginia?
  • Last year, Oregon scored 53 points on Stanford. This year, they scored 14, 28 points fewer than the lowest-scoring game they've played this year. The truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. What happened, did Oregon forget how to run their offense?
  • Wisconsin is going to back in to the Big 10 championship game, even if it loses to Penn St. next weekend. Can this get any stranger?
  • Have the wheels fallen off USC, or what? Yet in this year, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see them take down Notre Dame next weekend and throw the BCS back into SEC Hell. Can you believe that Florida could wind up in the championship game if Notre Dame loses? In fact, if Notre Dame loses, and the Gators defeat Florida St., Florida could actually benefit by not winning the SEC East.
  • So how does Oregon get back in? The best path is for Notre Dame, Florida and Georgia to all lose, and that could happen. All those teams face major rivals or road tests next week. I'm assuming, for the record that even as a rival, Auburn is too weak to give Alabama a competitive game, and the Iron Bowl is in Tuscaloosa this year.Oregon and Kansas St. have critical losses that take them from the catbird seat to outside looking in.

As usual, if you spot weirdness or think you can make a strong case for a change, comment and I'll consider it.