Willie & Noel, Round 2

I've finally gotten a spare moment to put up a post showing the stats between the big fellas during the Maryland and Duke games. For those of you that missed the first edition of this, it can be found here. That one explains what I'm trying to show here. Following the plan from last time, Shooting stats up first:


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What we have here is "the tale of two games", by the end you'll understand what I mean. Against Maryland, WCS was better shooting from the floor than Noel. Something that really jumps out is that Noel didn't shoot any FT's. Not a good stat for your 5! He should be banging and picking up fouls... WCS didn't shoot his FT's that well, only going along at a 50% clip.

The Duke game... Well, we all now how that worked out, and it's certainly reflected in the stats. N2 played a bunch of minutes that game. I'd like to see his FT% up a smidge more, but 70+% is OK in that regard. Duke was not kind to Big Willie. He didn't get alot of minutes, by being out of position a couple of times and losing some rebounds he earned some pine time. However, when he was in, he was awfully efficient putting the ball in the bucket. 0 FT's, like I said above for Noel, is unacceptable. Again, a tale of two games where our bigs flip-flopped stat lines in some areas. Overall, through both games charted, N2 played more and was better at the FT line, but WCS was the better scorer. On to Floor stats:


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In the UM game, N2 had 0 turnovers! That's pretty awesome considering in the past he's wanted to put the ball on the floor for that one dribble before he makes his move to the goal. Not bad on the D-glass, but not great either. WCS had too many turnovers, and less rebounding than Noel. But, as I've said before, that may be a position thing?? Does he get less chances at rebounds because he's playing the 4 and, as I noticed in the Lafayette game, may be on the perimeter guarding someone when the shot goes up? We'll have to see how this averages out as time goes on...

For the Duke game, this really shows why Willie didn't play much. On the limited possessions he was in, lots of turnovers! Couple that with no O-boards and that's why he had a seat for most of the night. N2, on the other hand, was pretty solid in this game. Low TO%, pretty decent work on the defensive glass... In this pair of games, Noel was the better of the two.

Looking at the schedule, I think I'll chart the next three games as one post. So with that, comment away and I'll see ya 'round campus...