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Kentucky 31 vs. Duke 33: Second Half Game Thread

Duke and Kentucky are in a dogfight after one half of basketball.

By jepoirrier

All I can say about that first half is that I agree with Coach Cal -- Flop City.

That is what it is, though. Despite my protestations, there is no penalty for flopping, and to be honest, it wouldn't make all that much difference. Kentucky has been very careless with the ball and has refused to attack the rim for fear of the flop charge.

With that said, it's a 2 point game. That's about what I expected, no matter what the game looked like. This is a game that requires a lot of discipline, and Kentucky did a relatively poor job of discipline. Kentucky's youth is showing, and the Wildcats must grow up before our eyes or take a loss.

Attack the rim. Take care of the ball. Beware the flop, but don't let it dominate you.

Let's get this done. Go, 'Cats!