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Andrew Wiggins Not Attending Big Blue Madness

Adam Zagoria reports that Andrew Wiggins will not be attending Big Blue Madness 2012:

Andrew Wiggins won’t attend Big Blue Madness at Kentucky this weekend because he will be at home in Toronto visiting family while Huntington Prep has an extended fall break.

"my phone off bro I’m in canada," Wiggins Tweeted to a friend.

The news was first reported by Evan Daniels of

Zagoria also mentions an earlier report that John Calipari was watching Wiggins play the night that Aaron and Andrew Harrison announced that they will play basketball for Kentucky.

"That’s what makes Calipari what he is. A lot of coaches would’ve called it a day after landing two of top the players in the country, and he’ s on a plane heading to Huntington."

This is a point that is under-appreciated about Coach Cal -- his work ethic. When it comes to recruiting, one of the many reasons that help him to be successful is not just working hard, but knowing when to work hard and when not to. He knew he likely, and maybe certainly, had the Harrison twins in the bag, and my guess is, he told them what he would be doing when they announced. Calipari's transparent like that with players.

For those of you who may worry about Wiggins not attending, please don't. Wiggins is a strong Kentucky lean,and I'd be very surprised if we don't see him in Blue and White.