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College Football Top 25: Draft BlogPoll Ballot - Chaos Ensues Post-Week 6

Some major surprises this week generate a lot of big swings from top to bottom in A Sea of Blue's BlogPoll ballot.

Holy upset, Batman! After week six of the college football season, a raft of big games and some surprising outcomes created a bit of chaos on my ballot.

I know that the Oregon Ducks are the trendy pick for the #2 spot, and given how explosive they are, I completely understand them generating the overwhelming number of votes behind Alabama. It's also true that they beat a decent football team in the Washington Huskies by a convincing margin.

But two things stand out to me with the Ducks: 1) they have no victories on their schedule against teams that are currently ranked in my top 25, and 2) the Ducks have only played 1 road game. For these reasons, despite the closeness of the overall rankings, I gave the South Carolina Gamecocks the #2 spot behind Alabama. Conference had nothing to do with this pick, the Ducks have played well enough that conference doesn't matter to me.

South Carolina earned their new lofty perch by blowing out -- did I really say that? Why yes, I did -- the Georgia Bulldogs, a team I had figured to win that game and challenge Oregon for #2. All I can say is that the Gamecocks are getting it done, and in a major way.

Florida also makes a big move with a victory over LSU in The Swamp, a game I had also thought would go the other way. Ohio St. also continue to impress by scoring 63 points on a Nebraska team who had previously allowed a high of 27.

Further down the ballot, welcome Louisiana Tech and Cincinnati to my top 25.

As always, your comments are welcome and appreciated, agree or disagree.