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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Showdown Edition

News from around the Big Blue Internet. Today is the day the Harrison's decide where they will go to school, most likely only for one year. More.

Joe Robbins - Getty Images

If you just crawled out from under a Big Blue rock, or happened to be one of those people born yesterday, you may not have heard that Andrew and Aaron Harrison, two of the crème de la crème of the 2013 high school recruiting class, will choose between the Maryland Terrapins and Kentucky Wildcats today.

Tweet of the Morning:

Now you know why this is such a big deal.

Your Quickies:

Pat Summitt says she initially believed she was being forced to retire in affidavit // CollegeBasketballTalk

I find this troubling. At best, it looks like very bad PR for the Volunteers.

Guest post: Kentucky women set record for clinic attendance and maybe getting UK autographs // vaughtsviews

This is awesome. Congratulations, ladies. Very impressive indeed. // Long journey leads Mays to senior year at UK

[Pay site] - I consider Mayes the X-factor this year for Kentucky.

Kentucky Sports Radio // The Harrison Twins’ Thursday News and Views

If so, an entire state will boycott the sale of Under Armour, but Big Blue Nation will be okay. It’ll just take us a month or two to get over it.

Heh. Indeed.

Harrow balancing flash and fundamentals in taking over at point guard // Kentucky Wildcats

Nobody asked my opinion, but if they did, it would by "Less flash, more fundamentals, please."

Kentucky football has two young quarterbacks to fill big shoes | The Courier-Journal |

“Taking over for Max is nearly impossible,” wide receiver King said, “so I’m not really trying to compare them at all. I just want them to go in there and do their best.”

I think that's right. UK fans should keep this in mind. // Bodkin commits to Cats after top-notch visit

[Pay site] - Wild Weasel had this yesterday. Good news for football, this guy looks talented, and he's a "big ugly." You can't have too many of those.

Maurice Creek: “Physically, I’m doing really well” | CollegeBasketballTalk

I don't cheer for many Hoosiers, but I'm cheering for Creek. He's had an injury-riddled career that nobody deserves. I wish him the best, and a good season.

Jon Hood returns, wants to play

Everybody wants to play, but this is Kentucky. You know the drill.

What the web is saying about the Harrison twins // John Clay's Sidelines

Good rundown of the back-and-forth going on in cyberspace.

UK fans anxiously await twins’ decision // The Kentucky Kernel

Wouldn't it be a kick in the head to both Maryland and UK if Aaron and Andrew Harrison went to SMU? Larry Brown strikes again ...

Harrison decision vital for Terrapins, not Cats // The Kentucky Kernel

Les and I think a lot alike.

UK soccer facilities awaiting overhaul // The Kentucky Kernel

Are there any facilities at Kentucky not awaiting overhaul? Oh, that's right - the football facilities.

9 storylines in play this weekend // Saturday Down South

Takin’ care of business: The #20 ranked Mississippi State wants to send a message this weekend to the effect of “Don’t forget about us!” as they match up against Kentucky. We certainly will until MSU beats a worthy opponent. In a weird way, if MSU takes care of business and smacks around the Wildcats, some will compare last week’s South Carolina game and say the Bulldogs are better than South Carolina, and we will collectively agree because we have no idea how good Mississippi State really is. Kentucky has to have something good go their way this season, right?

One would think. Read the whole thing.

Kentucky Gets a Commitment from the Marianna Bulldogs

More on Bodkin.

Kentucky Sports Radio // Comparing statistics of UK and MSU

Nice work by Stuart Hammer.

Bulldogs and Wildcats duke it out in SEC action - WETM 18 Online

UK leads the all-time series over MSU by a slim 21-18 margin, although the Bulldogs have closed the gap with three consecutive wins.

Wow. We lead against a team other than Vandy?