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Kentucky Football: CoShik Williams Out For Season With Torn Labrum In Hip

Kentucky Wildcats running back CoShik Williams is out for the season, and the rest of his career, with a torn labrum in his hip.

Andy Lyons - Getty Images

Here's the tweets:

This is just more bad news in a long line of it for the Kentucky Wildcats football program. I think we can safely characterize Joker Phillips' season so far as "snakebitten," and it's really tragic that Williams, a young man who went from walk-on to starting running back for an SEC program, should see his career end in injury.

One of the things that we can take away from this, and we have already seen it in the last couple of recruiting classes, is that smaller backs need to be complimented with larger ones in the SEC. The league is just too tough for a team to go in with a bunch of shrimps trying to carry the ball amongst the gargantuans.

Bad news for the Wildcats. We are fortunately deep at running back, but Raymond Sanders, another undersized back, is also day to day. Dyshawn Mobley could be forced into more service by attrition, ready or not.