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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Basketball Recruiting Edition

News from around the Big Blue Internet. The state of Kentucky recruiting - Julius Randle, Andrew Wiggins, Andrew and Aaron Harrison. More.

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Andy Lyons - Getty Images

Today's quickies have a lot of recruiting stuff, because right now, that's the hottest thing going in the Big Blue Nation.

Tweet of the Morning:

It was that way back in the mid-1970's when I was in college. But you did have to show up ...

Today's Quickies:

Under Armour could be key as Harrison twins choose Kentucky or Maryland // Indianapolis Star

Harrison Sr., who finally gave select coaches his sons' numbers by September, said no college coach has ever offered him money and founder Kevin Plank, a Maryland alumnus, has not called him to talk about the Terps. Harrison Sr. said Tuesday, "This thing for me is about what's best for Aaron and Andrew and not about any shoe company."

Interesting quote. You read the rest of this article, it doesn't seem to quite fit.

Twin tussle: Kentucky/Nike vs. Maryland/Under Armour // Detroit Free Press

*But except for Shabazz [Muhammad] -- extenuating circumstances -- is there another can't-miss kid that Calipari has missed on?

The answer: None that I know of.

OSU president expenses in the millions //

A very interesting story on how much Ohio St.'s president makes, and spends. It's staggering, really, and the school seems to go out of its way to make the full amount unknowable.

Hat tip: Jay Bilas.

John Calipari using Jay- Z and Drake to "outswag" Roy Williams in Julius Randle recruitment // Wildcat Blue Nation

I think Paul has a good point here. It's interesting, too, that celebrity contact is something famously used by William Wesley. I wonder who learned what from whom?

UNC seeks change by putting all the pressure on players instead of professors //

If you thought the University of North Carolina would put the onus on itself and its faculty for the recent smear against its academic reputation, you'd be wrong. Which probably qualifies you for an "A" in many UNC courses.

Ouch. Smackdown!

Calipari Hopes to Land Harrison Twins at Kentucky

Next Cats: Randle cuts Duke, North Carolina from list //

But analyst Evan Daniels tweeted Tuesday that "it will be overhyped that Duke & UNC aren’t on Randle’s list. They weren’t considered favorites. My take … UK, Florida & Texas are in hunt."

This looks right to me. Duke and North Carolina are banking on Jabari Parker.

Cracked Sidewalks: Advanced Ranking of top 150 college basketball teams for 2014 based on; 1, 'solid roster,' 2, spots open for recruits, and 3, if they can keep NBA prospects

Great read, overall, if you don't mind the math. It's amazing how Kentucky is absent for a long time, and then suddenly ... BAM!

Via Troy Machir.

Kentucky coach John Calipari benefits from ties to Jay-Z, Drake //

More on the Calipari/hip-hop connection. Basketball Recruiting - Top player cuts his list again

As for his Midnight Madness plans, Randle says that the way it looks he won't be visiting anybody that weekend. It's homecoming at his school and his plan is to stay home and attend those festivities.

Now, that's kind of interesting -- and unusual.

Louisville Coaching Staff Not Happy with Nebraska Coaches //

I don't blame them, but this is happening more and more often -- like in football.

Challenge of starting over with a new team excites Kentucky coach John Calipari // vaughtsviews

"That is exciting. People say to me, ‘Doesn’t it drive you crazy to have a new team?’ No, it is exciting. Think about it. You wake up every day and your whole thought is how do I make this better for these guys, how do I figure this stuff out," the UK coach said. "Guys staying with you three years … they don’t learn to hate you after one or two (years), but they do after three or four."

And people are still amazed he is able to recruit as well as he does?

3-point shot: Gonzaga's burly addition - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN

Andy Katz says UK will be fine if the Harrisons don't come. No doubt true, but I won't be happy. Not that anyone cares.

Roy Williams and Mike Krzyzewski are setting up for a similar battle over Jabari Parker. - Unexpected offer piques Taylor's interest in UK

The state of Washington isn't exactly a place you will regularly find Kentucky assistant coaches. In fact, it's rare for any SEC school to offer football players from the state.

Interesting. That's a long way to recruit for football. [pay site]

Three Big Things: Kentucky - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN

But then again, perhaps Calipari has himself to blame, too. After all, these are the expectations he's created: that he can, on an annual basis, turn over the most important pieces of his team -- or even all of it -- and still recruit and coach well enough to compete for a national title a year later. After three Kentucky seasons and three legitimate title runs, there's little reason to expect anything different in Year 4.


Letter to the Editor: Kudos to UK soccer // The Kentucky Kernel

From a Texas A&M fan. Absolutely worth the minute it takes to read.

Football Thoughts // Chris Diggs – UK Fan Blog

I think Chris' thoughts are similar to that of many UK fans right now -- Just win games.

Morning Five: 10.03.12 EditionRush The Court // Rush The Court

Lots of interesting stuff in here.