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College Football Top 25: Blogpoll Draft Ballot Post-Week 9

Week nine saw some of the top teams consolidating their position, but some major scores remain to be settled.

The A Sea of Blue post-week 9 ballot has relatively little change at the top and bottom, but some of the middle section of my ballot saw some movement.

First the ballot, then my comments after:


  • Kansas St. and Oregon are so incredibly close. The biggest difference is the margin of victory that the Ducks have been rolling up all year.
  • Yeah, I know I have Florida over Georgia, and some people hate that because they can't see how you can rank it like that because the Gators got thumped by the Dawgs. The reasons are these: Florida has played better on the road and has a much stronger schedule than Georgia. I can't just ignore that because the result is counterintuitive.
  • Further down the ballot, Oregon St. finally lost, and to a .500 Washington team on the road. Not a horrible loss, but the season may be taking a toll on this team.
  • I have South Carolina at 12, but with the loss of Marcus Lattimore, that is probably artificially high. My logarithm does not account for lost players, I assume that will take care of itself.
  • Texas A&M is really making a move, threatening the top 15.
  • Half of the SEC is ranked.
  • Kent St. makes my ballot, a team Kentucky defeated convincingly. Go figure.
  • UCLA has kind of backed into the last spot. Tulsa probably deserves it more.

Your comments are welcome. I have until tomorrow at 9:00AM to change my ballot.