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SEC Football: Marcus Lattimore Has A Dislocated Knee

An update on the South Carolina Gamecocks' Marcus Lattimore's injury from NBC Sports:

The head coach [Steve Spurrier], though, deferred to the team’s medical staff for further explanation as to the extent of the junior’s injuries. Through the school, team physician Dr. Jeffrey Guy updated to some degree Lattimore’s situation, with some good news sprinkled in with the bad.

In the release, Guy confirmed that a "hyperextension of the knee resulted in injury to several ligaments." What ligaments were involved and the extent of the injuries to the ligaments — full or partial tears — were not disclosed.

The upshot is that Lattimore will require multiple surgeries to his right knee to fix all the damage. A dislocated shoulder is a painful injury that can sometimes require repair. A dislocated knee is a catastrophic injury that involves multiple tendons and ligaments. His season is surely ended, and his career will be somewhat in doubt, depending upon the extent of the damage.

This is a terrible disappointment for every member of the SEC, and I grieve with the Lattimore and South Carolina family for this terrible injury to a fine young man. All our wishes to Marcus and his family for a speedy and complete recovery , and best wishes to his extended Gamecocks family, who must now complete the season without one of the finest backs in the SEC.