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Evan Daniels Talks Andrew Wiggins, Kentucky

Ben Roberts has an update from's Evan Daniels on the recent news that Andrew Wiggins:

Daniels says UK and FSU lead. Does anyone else have a shot? …

"He seems fairly sincere when he said he wanted to be recruited (by more schools). I think North Carolina could be the wild card in this one. They have actually been recruiting him for a little while, but they haven’t ramped it up. They didn’t know what class he was going to be in. They didn’t know how serious he was about them. I think they had a really strong meeting with him on Tuesday and I think North Carolina is going to give him the full pitch. … But until we see some movement on that end, I think you have to say that Kentucky and Florida State are the co-favorites."

Many analysts see Andrew Wiggins as much more likely to come to Kentucky than Florida St., but as you might imagine, what this amounts to is trying to read the mind of a 17-year old. During the first All-Access Kentucky program, John Calipari had this quote, which I thought was truly awesome:

I tell them, if you want me to call you once a week, I will. But you’re 17 and I’m 50-ish. What are we going to talk about?"

Calipari is all over Wiggins, and just as he doesn't lose coveted recruits to Maryland, he isn't likely to lose Wiggins to Florida St. That's not meant as disrespect to FSU, it's just reality, and I try to spend most of my time in Realville.

Now, if North Carolina gets involved, that's different. That could be a serious battle that Calipari could legitimately lose. But I don't think he will.