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Kentucky Basketball: Blue/White Scrimmage Open Thread

Open thread for the Blue/White basketball scrimmage for the Kentucky Wildcats 2012-13.


Lots of people think Kentucky fans are crazy for doing open game threads for scrimmages like Big Blue Madness and the Blue/White game, but let's face it -- we are. Crazy about college basketball, that is.

This is your official open thread to discuss the Blue/White scrimmage tonight. What I'm looking for:

  • Are these guys in shape, or not? What is the tempo like?
  • Do they showboat, or do they play to win?
  • Can Nerlens Noel block some shots without fouling?
  • How does Ryan Harrow look, just generally?
  • Is Wiltjer any better on defense?

None of these are going to be revealed to any reliable degree, but I think we can get some kind of very general idea about the athleticism, conditioning, and mindset of the team. Maybe a few individual things will stand out of note, but usually, this doesn't give us too many clues about what the season will look like, even early.

Still, it's fun. Enjoy the game, and chat away.