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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Blue/White Game Edition

News, commentary and insight from around the Big Blue Internet. Tonight is not only the second installment of ESPN's All-Access shows featuring the Kentucky Wildcats, but also the Blue/White intra-squad scrimmage. Matthew Mitchell the jokester. More.

Oh, yeah, he can dance, and sing, and crack jokes about Coach Cal.
Oh, yeah, he can dance, and sing, and crack jokes about Coach Cal.


Tweet of the Morning:

Hilarious. Be sure to click the link.

Your Quickies

Video: LeBron James gets called for a strange technical foul //

Man, I don't get this at all.

John Clay's Big Blue Links // John Clay's Sidelines Top 50 big men - NCAA Division //

Kentucky winds up with 3 on the list. Impressive. Via Troy Machir.

The Morning Mix // CollegeBasketballTalk

Matthew Mitchell appreciates help and support that John Calipari has given him and UK women // vaughtsviews

Mitchell was asked Tuesday about his relationship with Calipari. He gave a great answer.

"I think my relationship with Cal has helped him tremendously. He won the national championship last year and I’ve been working with him extensively on, really, every phase of the game and mainly on his public relations skills," Mitchell said with a straight face. "The guy has had trouble in that area, so I feel good that I’ve been able to bring him along to where there is interest in that program now and maybe I can devote more time to our team and see if we can get to a Final Four."

Not only can he dance like MC Hammer, but he can crack jokes like Seinfeld.

The Middlesboro Daily News // UK run game improving Towels back at practice

"It’s really his fourth day of work working with the varsity," Sanders said about Towles. "We forget he got hurt against Mississippi State but that was really his first week of not running off cards on scout team. It was good to have him back out there and good to have him in the huddle making the calls. I like the way he handled the things at the line of scrimmage and all that, but it was pretty obvious he’s rusty and needs work."

Yeah. As you would expect.

Tom Leach // Wednesday Links

Blue-White: A case of false light // The Kentucky Kernel

Wednesday night’s Blue-White scrimmage in Rupp Arena will likely be entertaining for the fans, but it will not tell us much about how good this team is or how well it will play together.

Absolutely right. Although, remember when Josh Harrellson played well a couple of years ago? That turned out to be a harbinger of things to come.

Breaking Bad: UK seeks new offensive plan // The Kentucky Kernel

I don't know if I'd go so far as using "contender" in connection with the football Wildcats in a positive way. "Competitive" would be a better choice, at least in describing the Georgia game.

Kentucky football quarterback Patrick Towles returns to action, but rust, inexperience show // The Courier-Journal

"He can throw the ball. There’s no question," Sanders said. "Just getting him to throw it to the right guy all the time, that’s the biggest challenge."


Big Ten beat writers like Indiana // CollegeBasketballTalk

Yeah. Is it wrong of me to hope they disappoint?

Matthew Mitchell believes UK women have Final Four // vaughtsviews

So do I. But as Mitchell suggests, that's an honor that's earned, not bestowed.

College basketball countdown: No. 4 Kentucky Wildcats // Sporting News

High standards. What will Kentucky fans view now as a successful season? Calipari’s first team won 35 games. His second went to the Final Four. His third won the NCAA title. He starts all over again with an entirely new crop of players. How much latitude do they get from UK fans?

Good question. I expect this year to be much more challenging than last year, but I also expect that Kentucky will be ready to compete for a title by March.

Since Calipari has come, I have had to learn to recalibrate my expectations, and I suspect most UK fans have, as well. We knew last year was going to be a title contender, but we only hope this team will be.

We know we will be good, but there's good and then there's 2012 good.

Video: Rick Minter talks about preparing for Missouri // John Clay's Sidelines

"Break?" Rick Minter doesn't want to hear about your "break."

Who's the new kid? Introducing practice player Tod Lanter //

In secret, unbeknown to anyone outside his inner circle until now, [Tod] Lanter has been practicing with the UK basketball team. Two weeks ago, just two days before Big Blue Madness, Lanter got confirmation he could join the team as a practice player. That Saturday morning after Madness, he practiced with the team for the first time.

We need more players this year, that's for sure.

Mathies looking to leave final stamp on UK program in senior season // Cat Scratches

A'dia Mathies is likely to have a special year this year. I can't wait.

SEC confounds Mizzou's spread offense // Stltoday

The SEC, as a whole, knows a whole lot about defending the spread option from the Urban Meyer years at Florida. Not so sure about Kentucky, though -- Meyer ran up historic numbers on us.

If you love Kansas, don't bring out your KU gear around here // Kentucky Sports Radio

Heh. Calipari is a wild man.

Guest post: 60 years of Family Tradition with Kentucky basketball // vaughtsviews

This is pretty cool.

Billy Gillispie's demise at Texas Tech documented in emails //


Missouri to Fiesta Bowl //

Missouri athletics department employees spent thousands of dollars on a school credit card at a Las Vegas strip club and the Vince Young Steakhouse, but none on convincing talented recruits to attend the university.