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Kentucky Basketball: ESPN All-Access Practice Preview

A preview of ESPN's All-Access tonight, showing part of Kentucky's first practice.

To me, this looks much more interesting than the first All-Access program. The big thing I took away from the first one is that Wheeler's Pharmacy is a must-see in Lexington, and "Coach Your Team" is emblazoned in big blue letters above John Calipari's office door.

But tonight, we are going to see Calipari coach his team. Yes, we've seen that before, but it always has an aura of fascination for me. Calipari is one of the more positive coaches in college basketball, mostly carrot and not a lot of stick, at least as far as the cameras are concerned. Is it different without them? No doubt, but probably not that much different, at least from a coaching perspective.

Calipari's stick is, "I'll take you out." Consider this quote from the trailer above:

"Play for each other. We don't play showtime, we play to win. Everything we're about is making baskets, playing defense and rebounding balls -- simple. You understand, we're not trying to do showtime; "How can I make this look?" If you do that and I'm coaching, what I do is I just take you out -- see, we don't play that way.

Brilliant. Concise. We play simple, correct basketball and showtime is for people who want to sit and watch from the bench.

I like it. Via Kentucky Sports Radio.