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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - T. Boone Pickens Edition

News and opinion from around the Big Blue Internet. Randall Cobb love everywhere. Anthony Davis favored to win Rookie of the Year. Mizzou's James Franklin likely out for Kentucky game. More.

Remember this guy?
Remember this guy?
Andy Lyons

You remember T. Boone Pickens, the famous Oklahoma St. Cowboys alum, right. Seems he was trying to out-recruit John Calipari, and that becomes our Tweet of the Morning. Via TheFakeGimelMartinez:


Your Quickies for Tuesday:

Kentucky voted preseason SEC favorite //

Lather, rinse, repeat.

No, this is not good news. //

Missouri quarterback James Franklin will likely miss his second consecutive game when the Tigers play Kentucky on Saturday.

Anthony Davis chosen to win ROY //

Well, duh.

Calipari uses “communications guru” to help team // John Clay's Sidelines

Whatever works. I don't know, some times these "gurus" seem to be a waste of time, but then again, sometimes they add value. Depends on the guru, i guess.

The Hoops Report // Top 68 Team Previews: #3 Kentucky Wildcats

This guy has Wiltjer coming off the bench. That could happen, I suppose, but I'd bet good money against it.

A case study of a historic LSU-LMU matchup // Luke Winn -

This is a great article that JLev linked yesterday. It should be noted that, at least since 2003, it looks like the "sweet spot" for basketball success is between 66 and 68 possessions per game. That's where you find most of your successful programs, in that range. I can't tell you if that was true back in 1987, but I know one thing -- Kentucky played a lot faster then than it does now.

Louisville wants to play Indiana. // The Hoosier Scoop

Okay. Let's see that happen. Maybe seeing another red team will cause the IU fans to be confused, and at least not randomly attack the other team. Via Troy Machir.

Randall Cobb and Steve Johnson had big weeks // Bleed Blue Kentucky

Always good to hear. Also a Tim Masthay mention.

Trailer for All-Access Kentucky week 2 //

I would have liked something a little more compelling. The first video had flapjacks at Wheelers. This one? Meh.

Tom Leach // Tuesday Links

Rifle team aiming for NCAA title repeat // The Kentucky Kernel

We may not be able to play football, but when you say that, say it with the proper respect. Otherwise, we might just shoot your pinkie off to show you how good we are with firearms in this state.

UK Hoops may soon have larger presence in pros // The Kentucky Kernel

Sounds like another basketball team I know ...

Kyle Wiltjer gets no SEC Media love // Ky Cat Stats

It’s hard for me to imagine that there are 10 other players in the SEC that are better than Kyle Wiltjer.

Me, too. Part of this is the value that basketball observers place on run-and-jump athleticism, a game which Wiltjer does not play at a high level. But college coaches will tell you the importance of players who can shoot the ball, and Wiltjer can shoot it better than anybody in the SEC right now.

Report: Liggins leader for Thunder’s final roster spot // John Clay's Sidelines

Not surprising to me. I think Liggins is the kind of player every team needs.

Joker Phillips Weekly Press Conference Coverage - Kentucky Wildcats Official Athletic Site

Q. What did you do to run the ball better … did you change scheme?

COACH PHILLIPS: We stayed with it. We committed to it. And we had some success early, which we were never out of this game so we could stick with it. So I think that had a lot to do with it. We've (run) the ball pretty consistent. We've just never had a chance to stick with it.

Well, then, I suggest we commit to it again, if that's all it takes.

Mark Story: The question that should determine whether Joker Phillips is fired //

Unless UK runs off a string of unexpected wins to close 2012, it's hard to imagine any scenario for next season in which Phillips returns as Kentucky head man and the fans who have been lost come back to Commonwealth Stadium.

Yet as badly as things have gone for Kentucky and Phillips, there are still valid arguments for bringing him back for a fourth season.

He's right, but the over-arching problem as far as I am concerned is economic. Are you willing to risk a financial meltdown due to lost attendance next year? If so, why? What, exactly, is the bottom-line argument for keeping Phillips?

Honestly, I don't see one.

More Randall Cobb love // John Clay's Sidelines

You can never have too much of that.

Mark Emmert on one-and-done rule: 'I dislike it enormously' // NCAA Basketball - Sporting News

While acknowledging the NCAA does not have jurisdiction over draft eligibility rules, that the NBA and its players association negotiated the current age limit, Emmert declared one-and-done to be “anathema to the collegiate model of athletics. I dislike it enormously.”

He went on to suggest some who enroll with that in mind are encouraged not to function as serious students.

As to the former, join the club, although I dislike it much less now than before. As to the latter, I think you need to offer proof of that claim.

He also goes on to suggest that the UNC matter is not done yet. I'll believe that when I see it.

Kentucky Sports Report // Monday UK football notebook

Phillips says he thinks it has “definitely helped” Whitlow, who was thrust into a starting role as a true freshman when Smith was hurt, to be able to come out of games at times and watch from the sideline to allow the game to slow down for him.

Given what we saw on Saturday, I'd have to agree.