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College Football Top 25: Draft BlogPoll Ballot Post-Week 8

A Sea of Blue's post-week 8 blogpoll ballot features Florida taking over the #2 spot from Oregon.

Chris Trotman

I'm not sure we're getting much more clarity after week 8 of the college football season. There still seems to be an awful lot of uncertainty about some of the top teams, although some questions have been answered.

Here's my draft ballot, subject to revision until 9:00AM tomorrow. My observations follow the ballot:


  • I am on the K-State bandwagon, big time. They beat the Mountaineers like the sham we all knew they were. The only question in my mind is why the 'Eers are still on my ballot.
  • I feel a little tepid about dropping the South Carolina Gamecocks that far. Florida's lopsided score wasn't quite the tour-de-force it looked like on the scoreboard. Thoughts?
  • Why do I still have such reservations about Oregon St. despite my lofty ranking? Why, for that matter, do I have reservations about the entire Pac-12?
  • We have to give Florida props - they beat a formerly-top 10 team convincingly. The Gators are not a pretty football team, but they do the one thing you must always do -- win.
  • I so want to drop Notre Dame a couple of spots. That performance against BYU left me wondering if they really are what we seem to think they are.
  • I think Louisville has hit the Peter Principle -- they have been promoted to their level of incompetence. Only 13 teams in Division I have a weaker strength of schedule. I think the Cincinnati Bearcats can take them next week.
  • If Texas Tech even plays Kansas St. close next week, they are going to get a lot of respect.