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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Homecoming Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Georgia invades Commonwealth tonight at 7:00 for homecoming. 2015 Karl Towns enjoys visit to UK. Dermontti Dawson in town for Dermontti Dawson Night. More.

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Congratulations to the great Wildcat, Dermontti Dawson, who is honored tonight in Commowealth Stadium.
Congratulations to the great Wildcat, Dermontti Dawson, who is honored tonight in Commowealth Stadium.

Tonight, the Georgia Bulldogs come to town for homecoming, and it's Dermontti Dawson night as well.

Tweet of the Morning:

Awesome to have Dermontti back amongst us. I hope we give him a good memory.

Today's Quickies:

BBL: Georgia tries to stay focused, UK tries to move ball // John Clay's Sidelines

Will Landon Foster get another chance to shine today?

Remember to help honor Dermontti Dawson at Kentucky game tonight // vaughtsviews

Great reason to attend tonight's game.

Georgia QB Murray figures to rebound against wounded Kentucky secondary // vaughtsviews

That's very likely to happen.

Tom Leach // Saturday Links

Tim Tebow finally trademarks “Tebowing” // SI Tracking Blog

Well, maybe we can test this - if we ever get a touchdown, that is. // UGA Football Richt hoping to bounce back against Wildcats

For Kentucky, that means generating more quarterback pressure, a tricky deal considering it has spent most of its time in coverage.

Rick Minter, your office on line 1.

Kentucky Sports Radio // Snoop Dogg’s Saturday News and Views

-The UK women’s soccer team won against South Carolina on a televised game tonight. Sophomore defender and star Arin Gilliland scored the only goal of the game. The women are having an incredible season, sitting at 11-5-1 overall and 6-4-1 in the tough SEC. They next play on Sunday at 2:30 against Auburn to kick off (PUNS) a double header with the men’s soccer team.

Now there's a bit of good news. Soccer and Volleyball are getting it done.

Maryland opening day uniforms to honor the Brooklyn Dodgers // CollegeBasketballTalk

The game between the Terrapins and Wildcats will be played at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. For the occasion Maryland will wear gray, fake-wool like uniforms to honor of all teams, the Brooklyn Dodgers.

So they are wearing funky fake-wool unis to honor a non-existent team. Nice work, Under Armor.

Women’s soccer defeats USC, qualifies for SEC tournament // The Kentucky Kernel

More on the other kind of football, ladies style.

IU fans camping out with 'Mario Kart' // ESPN

Yeah, the Hoosiers are trying to horn in on our act. Typical. Think of it as "The sincerest form of flattery." Except, of course, back when they sucked, they didn't have anyone camping out.

Trevor Mbakwe avoids jail time // ESPN

Another question presented by Friday's hearing -- and by the widespread attention it received -- is whether Minnesota will see fit to enact any sort of additional punishment of its own. During its media day last week, the Golden Gophers told through a source Mbakwe had been punished "internally," and he would not be forced to sit any of the team's 2012-13 games as a result.

Tubby Smith must be happy, and disturbed, all at the same time. Good luck to him If we hear any more non-basketball related stuff from Mbakwe, it will probably be from an orange jumpsuit in the Sunshine State.

Video: Getting to know UK player Jon Hood // vaughtsviews

John Feinstein latest CBS Sports Radio Network recruit

Great. Yet another douchebag on the airwaives. // Whispers: Hysteria in the heartland

Tom Crean is one of those coaches who has figured out that taking on Calipari is a fool's errand.

College Hoops Preview: Identifying this year’s X-Factors // CollegeBasketballTalk

Kentucky is notably without entries here, but if I had to pick one, it would by Ryan Harrow. How Harrow plays will be the difference between a good Kentucky team and a Final Four contender.

John Calipari explains how he set practice schedule for his team // vaughtsviews

How does Kentucky coach John Calipari cope with only playing six to eight players when it comes to figuring out how what to do in practice?

“We don’t practice long. Again, I’m not saying this is the only way to do this. There are guys that practice four hours, and they win and they do well. We practice two hours. If I can’t get it in in two hours, then I didn’t do my job. Going four hours is okay. There are some kids that need it, and there are some coaches that are more comfortable going long practices in the full 20,” said Calipari.

This is a really good inside view of Calipari's theory of practice, and I happen to agree with it. I think 4 hours is too long to keep focus. I think long practices are where players get hurt, and stress reactions develop.

Calipari is an underrated coach, and this is a perfect example of why. I think he has figured our some things that other coaches, like Rick Pitino, need to learn. Is Coach Cal's lighter practices a contributor to the good overall health of his teams? I don't know, and neither do you, but you can't deny that it could be a factor. The converse could also be true -- that longer practices jeopardize team health in a long season.

UK-GEORGIA PREVIEW // Bleed Blue Kentucky // Karl Towns' father reflects on UK visit

"The visit (to Kentucky) was awesome, just a great experience," Towns Sr. said. "Karl really enjoyed everything about it. Seeing the coaches and all the other great players that are there and that they're trying to recruit was just a beautiful thing."

$$ site. How could any young basketball talent not love it at UK? It's probably impossible.