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Kentucky Football: Sanders To Divide Offense Between Towles And Whitlow

Randy Sanders has a strategy for Saturday, and it involves having Towles do one thing and Whitlow another with "a little bit of overlap"

Mark Zerof-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Mississippi St. Bulldogs have to prepare for both Jalen Whitlow and Patrick Towles, because Kentucky Offensive Coordinator Randy Sanders is going to divide the offense between them.

Sanders told the media today that his plan was to have Towles do some things, and Whitlow do some things, and that there would be a "little bit" of overlap between what each would be charged with doing:

"Who gets the first snap, I don't know, but they'll both play," Sanders said. "It'll have to be a rotation because I can't get either one of them ready to do the whole thing."

Instead, he'll spend this week helping each to prepare to do an assigned portion. Exactly how UK ends up splitting time between the two remains to be seen and will be largely decided in practice this week.

Whitlow's game experience obviously helps him, so I would expect to see more of him in the MSU game than Towles, unless Towles does really, really well at whatever part of the offense Sanders has planned for him. This is a really big step for Patrick, and if you'll recall the first two games that Maxwell Smith got into last year, those were some pretty ugly reps. Hopefully Towles can do better, but that remains to be seen.

I think this is a good plan, although I must confess, I have rarely seen the two quarterback solution be totally successful. With that said, it has been successful to some degree in a lot of places, although it does seem to have good moments and bad moments. I expect the same from UK.

For sure, the Bulldogs will have a challenge ahead of them trying to prepare for both guys, but MSU fans can take solace in the fact that they have one of the best running games in the SEC, and Kentucky has the second-worst rushing defense, consistently giving up around 200 yards per game.

Whitlow and Towles have a big job ahead of them. But one good thing about this game -- it should be interesting, and we are going to get our first look at the quarterback many have pegged as the future of Kentucky's offense.

You can watch his comments below.