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Calipari Had "Secret" Meeting With Harrisons

Ben Roberts is reporting that John Calipari had a "secret" meeting with Aaron and Andrew Harrison recently, as described by Aaron Harrison Sr.:

John Calipari, who visited the twins on the first day of the contact period, has actually been to Houston twice in the last few weeks. Harrison Sr. declined to name the date of the UK coach’s second (and previously unknown) visit.

"He asked me not to disclose that, but he has been here (twice)," he said.

[Emphasis mine]

So, there is even more intrigue surrounding this story. Many people on Kentucky's side believe this is a last-ditch attempt by Turgeon to turn the recruitment around, and many on the Maryland side believe that they want to tell Turgeon to his face that they picked Maryland. I know which one seems more likely to me.

Harrison Sr. also told Roberts that his statement that Turgeon was "the most upright citizen I have met in basketball." was accurate, and provides the circumstances for that judgment.

The article goes on to say that Harrison Sr. believes his sons have made up their minds, but he doesn't currently know who it is. He said he could find out if he wanted to know, of course.