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Under Armour vs. Coach Cal: The Twitter Firestorm

With a decision date set for the Harrison twins (this Thursday, if you were still wondering), there has been rampant speculation as to whether they will pick Kentucky or Maryland. Whatever the belief--and most pundits are leaning to Kentucky--the battle lines have been drawn.

It's the heroic coach of Kentucky John Calipari are one side, and Under Armour, the harbinger of all things evil (gasp, a shoe company!), on the other. Of course, that's just a matter of perspective; others may think differently.

This morning, Evan Daniels of Scout started the Twitter firestorm. He published an article with a pro-Maryland twist ($). According to the Harrison twins' father, Aaron Harrison Sr., Maryland head coach Mark Turgeon will be in town on Wednesday. It's either a culmination of a successful recruitment, or a last-ditch attempt to sway the boys from Blue & White.

USA Today's Eric Prisbell also got on the phone with the elder Harrison (story to come), and unleashed a few Twitter nuggets of his own. It provided more pro-Maryland fuel to the fire.

Ah, but lest ye be concerned, some prominent college basketball writers came to the defense of poor Kentucky and John Calipari. Or, well, you know, acknowledged there is a proverbial "war" going on. And it's more than simply between schools. HIDE THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN: THERE ARE COACHES AND CORPORATIONS INVOLVED.

If this isn't the most intriguing recruitment of the past 10 years, as 247 Sports' Jerry Meyer indicated yesterday, it's certainly up there. And I, like most people, can't wait for it to be over.