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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Lance Thomas Edition

News from around the Big Blue Internet. Calipari talks about ... everything. Lance Thomas says he doesn't think he broke any rules with his $100,000 jewelry purchase while a Duke. More.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

Today, Lance Thomas, formerly of the Duke Blue Devils, tells the Raleigh News & Observer that he'll "eventually" speak to the NCAA. I'm betting it won't happen before the statute of limitations has run.

Tweet of the Morning:


Now, for your Quickies:

Joker Phillips made right call to unleash Patrick Towles now // The Courier-Journal

Though many UK fans figure Phillips’ fate was hermetically sealed by Western Kentucky’s game-winning two-point conversion on Sept. 15, the appearance of a young team making progress in the second half of the season could cause the administration to re-evaluate. Either way, that Phillips was willing to hold Towles back for the long-term benefit of Big Blue Nation (arguably against his own short-term survival) should count as a point in his favor.

Joker Phillips has always placed UK's interests above his own when it comes to his job. That's just how he's made. But right now, what he needs are wins, not points, in his favor.

LEXINGTON, Ky.: Kentucky using freshmen QBs vs. No. 20 Miss. State // The Sun Herald

"We'll have to play them both," he said. "It's going to take an effort of both of them. And it could be right in the middle of the series. If it's not series to series, it could be play after play after play, switching them in and out, (giving) them things that they both can do, give them a chance to go out and play and compete."

That's a tough way to run a football team. I have seen it tried many times, and rarely with much success.

Preseason Q&A: John Calipari covers it all // Kyle Tucker – UK Beat

He literally does cover it all -- 9000+ words. Three full cups of coffee.

Tom Leach // Tuesday Links

Lamb Tears Elbow Ligament // NBC News

Ugh. Bad news for Doron.

Why Lance Thomas will speak to the NCAA // CollegeBasketballTalk

He won't tell them anything of substance, though. And as to Emmert's suggestion, no, they don't need anyone's testimony, but theoretically at least, they do need facts. Right now, they have none.

Kentucky Sports Radio // Without WKU, Would Joker’s Seat be this Hot?

Probably not. It's the difference, though, between a death of 1,000 cuts and the guillotine.

Cooperation not necessarily needed from Thomas, jewelry store, Emmert says // CollegeBasketballTalk

Yes, but that comes with a huge caveat:

"We certainly could deal with a case where we don’t necessarily have cooperation from the actors, but we still have to rely on facts and rely on well-established information,"

Right now, they have neither.

Andrew Harrison Tweet about Thursday’s Decision // Everything Kentucky Online

As long as it's Blue and White, I'll be happy to hear it.

Kentucky offense and defense game-by-game // John Clay's Sidelines

If you look at the total yards surrendered vs. the total yards gained, it's easy to see why we're 1-4.

Calipari still working those rap connections // ESPN
Whatever works. // Could Smith's injury help save Phillips' job?

[Pay site] This argument is similar to what some of us have been talking about.

New Orleans Hornets rookie Anthony Davis will have to work on time mangement this season, says veteran Ryan Anderson //

Everyone wants a piece of him. Sometimes, he's going to have to say, "No."

Billings' hot streak earns her SEC Player of the Week award // Kentucky Wildcats

The volleyball team is on a roll.

Is there such a thing as anti-momentum? // CollegeBasketballTalk

I actually like Dauster's theory. Trying to come back at the end of a game uses up a lot of energy, energy that has already been largely depleted. Teams most often hit the wall before achieving a victory.

What is it about UK injuries and South Carolina game? // John Clay's Sidelines

I was wondering the same thing. Every time we play the Gamecocks, a major player goes down for the season.