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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - It's Kentucky's World Edition

News and opinion from around the Big Blue Internet. Interview with Darius Miller of the New Orleans Hornets. Comment on Kentucky's big day yesterday. More.

Darius, Anthony, and MKG all together again.
Darius, Anthony, and MKG all together again.
Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Yesterday was a big day for Kentucky. UK landed another top recruit in Marcus Lee, John Calipari has seemingly purchased the World Wide Leader, because he was all over it yesterday. Finally, as if that wasn't enough, Nerlens Noel received his blessing from the NCAA to play this year. Kind of reminds me of this Bill Murray quote from Groundhog Day:

I was in the Virgin Islands once. I met a girl. We ate lobster, drank Piña Coladas. At sunset we made love like sea otters. That was a pretty good day. Why couldn't I get that day over and over and over?

Yesterday was a pretty good day for Kentucky, even without lobster and sea otters.

Tweet of the Morning:

Heh. This guy could win Tweet of the Day every day.

Your Quickies:

Via Sam Henson:

Kentucky Basketball Season Tickets Raffle // Sts. Peter and Paul Regional Catholic School

$10 a ticket isn't bad for a chance at these seats!

All-access with the Kentucky freshmen as they step onto the big stage // ESPN

So far, this series might be illuminating to many college basketball fans, but I have not seen anything yet that was particularly impressive or surprising. Most is stuff that UK fans already know.

How good was Kentucky's Wednesday? // ESPN

This was linked earlier, but a wry read in case you missed it.

Judge dimisses Nelson lawsuit vs. SI //

Demonstration, if you need it, how futile a lawsuit against a publication can be.

Actual malice is a very, very difficult standard to overcome. People have more success overcoming sovereign immunity.

UK issues new tailgating rules for football games // SFGate

Smart of UK to solicit input from the students. I hope this works better than before.

Kentucky finds patience required with freshman QB Whitlow //

"I don't know," he said when asked about his trouble with accuracy the past two weeks. "I'm still trying to ask myself that sometimes. Just going back to work, keep trying to get better."

Freshmen. So much potential, but so little understanding. He'll get there.

For some SEC teams, coaching seat heating up // FOX Sports on MSN

The league that has won six consecutive national championships has more coaches on the proverbial ''hot seat'' than in any recent year, with potential openings at Arkansas, Auburn, Kentucky and Tennessee. The Razorbacks are seemingly in disarray, while the Tigers, Wildcats and Volunteers have had all sorts of on-field problems.

Offered without comment.

(13) Georgia (5-1) at Kentucky (1-6) (ET) //

The Wildcats have struggled on both sides of the football and with Georgia coming off a humiliating defeat a couple of weeks ago, Kentucky could feel the brunt of lopsided affair here.

Sadly, I fear this is the likely outcome.

Petrino – Not the Answer for Wildcat Football (10/16/12) // WDRB 41 Louisville

Leave aside for a moment the intense animosity toward UK that Petrino displayed during his tenure at U of L. But what about his constant behind-the-back flirtations with other teams while he was professing loyalty to the Cardinals? Has everyone forgotten his abandonment of the Atlanta Falcons in the middle of the season? Does his irresponsible behavior at Arkansas not set off any alarm bells?

UK risking its football image – not to mention millions of dollars – on a guy with that kind of baggage would be as risky as Charlie Brown trying a field goal while Lucy holds the ball.

This mirrors my feelings about Petrino. I think him unlikely to consider Kentucky unless he is turned down by every other better job out there, and I guarantee you he is gone the second a better program is interested. Petrino is worse than a prostitute -- he is the example of what happens when talent meets blind ambition.

The Morning Mix // CollegeBasketballTalk

The Kentucky Wildcats were the big winners on Wednesday. John Calipari was in Bristol, CT going through the ESPN “Car Wash” and the ESPN All-Access special on Kentucky debuted last night. Unfortunately, coach Calipari struggled to make his free throws. But Calipari did state that Nerlens Noel is eligible to play this season. On top of that, highly touted former-Indiana commit Marcus Lee committed to Kentucky on Wednesday afternoon. Oh did I mention that the facilities connected to Rupp Arena got a facelift? Yeah, Kentucky owned Wednesday

Let's face it -- when it comes to college basketball, it's Kentucky's world. Everyone else is just living in it.

Auburn makes rapid tumble from Newton's title team // NBC Sports

Even former Auburn coach Pat Dye, who has been a big Chizik supporter, said on a syndicated radio show that he doesn't think the Tigers will win a Southeastern Conference game. Dye said the offensive problems, starting at quarterback, are unsolvable.

That's about as far from a ringing endorsement as you can get. Bobby Petrino, your office on line 1.

Kentucky Sports Radio // Lane Goodwin’s Thursday News and Views

Our sincere condolences to Lane's family on the loss of such a bright young man, and blue to the bone. May God give them peace even as he welcomes Lane into His loving arms.

Q&A with Jimmy Dykes // The Kentucky Kernel

We know what Kyle Wiltjer is — as dangerous of a 6-foot-10 kid on the perimeter that the college game has right now because of how well he shoots the ball. But he has a post game too. He is a lot more versatile than people realize. -- Jimmy Dykes.

I have a feeling about Wiltjer this year, and it's a good one.

Willis reflects on BBM weekend // The Kentucky Kernel

An article by Kentucky's forgotten 2013 commitment, Derek Willis.

John Calipari’s latest recruiting coup makes dream of perfect season seem very attainable // Yahoo! News

“Before I leave coaching,” Cal said that night, “I want to coach a team that goes 40-0. Before I’m out of here. Before I’m done. And the reason is, they say it can’t be done. So let’s go try to do it. Let’s try to win them all.”

That would be an exclamation point on an otherworldly career.