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John Calipari's Recruiting Video

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This is the video that John Calipari says he shows to recruits as recorded during Big Blue Madness.

This video has rather poor production quality due to the circumstances of recording, but it is no less powerful for that. It was recorded by an attendee at Big Blue Madness (apparently from the cheap seats), so some things are in the way of a perfect reproduction of the video.

Still, it is really good, and if I were an undecided recruit watching this for the first time, there is no way I wouldn't be impressed. So many of these guys are now playing in the NBA, and then there's LeBron and Jay Z and Magic Johnson and all that. Above it all, almost like a God-emperor, is Coach Cal, pronouncing all the wonderful things that makes Kentucky what it is.

You will notice that it's all confined to the last three years. No footage of Rupp's runts, or Goose Givens, or Tony Delk, none of that. Every team and visual here is from the last three years.

But then, that's really about all these young players care about. They don't care about the 1950-51 team, or the 1977-78 team, or any of that. Their parents probably do, but not the kids -- heck, their parents probably weren't alive, let alone aware, of the 1950-51 Wildcats team.

Enjoy it. It's pretty long, but worth it.