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College Football Top 25: Post-Week 7 Draft BlogPoll Ballot - Shuffling in the Top Ten

Some big games caused some major shuffling in the top ten this week for my post-week 7 BlogPoll ballot.

First, let's take a look at my draft ballot. My comments will follow after:

  • You have to be impressed at how LSU came back from that loss in The Swamp to defeat a tough South Carolina team that has been on a roll.
  • Florida just keeps on rolling. They aren't the prettiest Gator team I've seen, but they are consistent and play solid football.
  • I am drinking the Kansas St. Kool-Aid. Collin Klein is a winner, and he is going to win.
  • What Oklahoma did to Texas in the Red River Rivalry is the stuff of legend. It may be the stuff that sends Mack Brown into early retirement, or even exile. No excuses for the Longhorns.
  • I thought West Virginia might be a paper tiger. I get allowing 49 points from almost anybody -- their defense has been suspect all year. But scoring 14 points? Well I guess that proves Texas is most likely as bad defensively as they looked on Saturday, because WVU hung a number on them similar to Oklahoma. And Oklahoma did to Tech what Tech did to the Mountaineers.
  • Gotta hand it to Notre Dame -- they just keep finding ways to get it done, and most of those ways involve good, quality football.