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Kentucky at Arkansas -- Second Half Open Thread


Yes, we're getting killed, but quite honestly, I'm not surprised. Our defensive backfield is giving Arkansas a 10-yard cushion on every play. That's not hard to exploit, and Tyler Wilson is killing us. Nobody should be surprised, he was figured as the best quarterback in the SEC pre-season, and but for an injury, would be leading the SEC in every passing category.

I know this is very difficult for Kentucky fans, but this season is what it is. We have to be adults about it, and take our butt-whipping with our heads held high. It's the least we can do, because this team is doing all they can, they are simply too inexperienced to stop this powerful Arkansas offense. If you think it's tough being a fan, those of you who suffered beat-downs in high-school sports (and many of us did), remember how it felt when you were there, up close and personal.

Let's cheer for this team not because they are good, but because even if they suck, they are our guys, and they will get better. Not this year, and maybe not next year, but eventually. I myself will not abandon my team as a "product."

Sorry, I'm not built that way.

Go, 'Cats!