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Kentucky Basketball: Big Blue Madness Open Thread

Welcome to Big Blue Madness 2012.

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

For those of you unable to watch on television, you can watch Big Blue Madness at It will start at 7:00 for TV viewers, 7:30 for those using the link above.

Now that's out of the way,. Let's talk this year's madness. Visitors that I know of:

  1. Aaron Harrison (2013, Committed)
  2. Andrew Harrison (2013, Committed)
  3. James Young (2013, Committed)
  4. Derek Willis (2013, Committed)
  5. Marcus Lee (2013)
  6. Cliff Alexander (2014)
  7. Trey Lyles (2014)
  8. JaQuan Lyles (2014)
  9. Karl Towns (2015)

There may be more I haven't heard or don't know about, and there often have been. If you know, please post the names in the comments. If you don't know, don't get us all excited with speculation.

This should be fun. Enjoy the show, talk about what you see, and let's celebrate the advent of the 2012 college basketball season. Matthew Mitchell and the Hoops squad will also be there, and they are going to make some serious noise this year.

Let's get ready for madness. Go, 'Cats!