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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Big Blue Madness Is Here Edition

News and opinion from around the Big Blue Internet. Big Blue Madness is here, and many high-profile recruits will attend. Welcoming James Young to Kentucky. More.

Joe Robbins - Getty Images

Tonight is Big Blue Madness, and Kentucky begins the defense of last year's title. Yeah, I know Coach Cal disagrees with that view, so what? From a program perspective, it is. From a team perspective, obviously not. Your mileage may vary.

Tweet of the Morning

If you have a high-speed Internet connection, you should be able to see Madness this year from wherever you are.

Your Quickies:

Former Indiana commit Trey Lyles will be in attendance at BBM:

NBA Scouting Director: Kentucky on Brink of Greatest Class Ever (UPDATED) |

That’s what the Director of Scouting for one NBA team in the 2012 lottery told Thursday morning.

"On paper, for an NBA-type class certainly it’s the greatest of all time, you would think," the Director of Scouting said by phone. "On paper it would be and yet there’s a lot to measure up to, too."

So this will be the successor to our 2011 class, which was probably the best ever. Could we eventually get 1-5 or even 1-6 of the top ten?

Harrow ready for Big Blue Madness dancing even if he does not have enough tickets for family members // vaughtsviews

Harrow has a big family.

Kentucky basketball newcomers say it's all about trust //

As Nerlens Noel, one of this season's highly acclaimed freshmen, said, this produces "100 percent trust.

"Coach Cal is a really influential person. His track record speaks for itself."

This right here encapsulates how Calipari wins these recruiting battles. He is trusted, and he can back up his claims.

Kenny Rollins, former member of UK Fabulous 5, dies at 89 //

We'll miss you, Kenny. Our prayers go out to your family.

Lost art of tackling //

Is it just me, or is tackling a lost art in high school football? Rare is the sight of a defender sticking his shoulder into the chest of a ballcarrier, wrapping his arms around the guy's hips and bulldozing him to the ground.

It's not just you, Mike. We see this show up on the college level all the time.

Basketball Prospectus // So You Want to Predict the Future

For the stat-heads.

Joker Phillips: Kentucky's youthful squad doesn't understand what it faces //

Maybe that's just as well.

UK-ARKANSAS PREVIEW // Bleed Blue Kentucky

Arkansas Offense vs. UK Defense

This matchup spells trouble for the Cats in this game. Arkansas does not have a balanced offensive attack, but the Hogs can do a lot of damage through the air. The Hogs are 5th in the SEC in total offense and 2nd in the conference in passing offense. They are 14th in rushing offense and 11th in scoring offense.

This is what is likely to be the 'Cat-killer against the Hogs.

Expecting a Spectacle // The Kentucky Kernel

"(Calipari) always has something up his sleeve," junior Jarrod Polson said. "I guess there’s a lot of expectation from the crowd. They’ll be hyped as usual."

Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be unforgettable.

UK hoops aims for exciting season // The Kentucky Kernel

The women's team should be incredible this year.

UK basketball player profile: Kyle Wiltjer says he's more versatile now //

Posting up smaller defenders and operating from the perimeter against bigger defenders gives Wiltjer options, the player said.

Shhh. Don't tell the Terps.

Kentucky Sports Radio // Bob Knight has been replaced on ESPN’s Big Monday

Aw, Bobby, we'll miss you.

Just kidding. No we won't.

Mark Story: Kentucky basketball's Harrow knows he must make the most of this season //

Unless he wants to compete with Andrew Harrison for time next year, he really does need to make the most of this season.

Could UK really play with three big men? The idea sounds tempting to the Cats // Cat Scratches

I think so, absolutely. One of the big man shoots like a guard, and the other two are ungodly quick getting up and down the floor.

Calipari wants Wiltjer, Harrow close and leading // Kyle Tucker – UK Beat

Video in this if you want to hear it for yourself.

James Young, No. 5 prospect in 2013 class, commits to Kentucky Wildcats // ESPN

It's interesting how well the SEC is doing. All the 2013 top ten players currently committed are committed to SEC schools, and that is over half.

James Young to Kentucky: Elite recruit picks Wildcats // Sporting News

Wiggins still is listed as a junior at Huntington Prep in West Virginia. A 6-8 wing who is a native of Toronto, he is considered by many to be the top prospect in all of high school basketball, regardless of class. Although many have speculated he will reclassify and graduate in the spring -- he will turn 18 in February -- my sources say that appears to be unlikely at this stage.

Interesting. And probably for the best. Hat tip: Rob Dauster. // Matt Smith a semifinalist for national award

Congratulations to Matt.

Kentucky Midseason Report: The Case Against Joker Phillips // Team Speed Kills

Still more heat for Joker's seat.

We’re Talkin’ About Practices: 2012 EditionRush The Court // Rush The Court

List of schools from last year's NCAA tournament holding Midnight Madness.

Sun Belt, the new cradle of coaches? // Get The Picture

I think so.

Some more James Young highlights: