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Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Hot Seat Edition

News and opinion from around the Big Blue Internet. Joker Phillips is seen around the USA as on the hot seat and unlikely to be back next year. Big Blue Madness tickets being sold on the Internet. More.

John Sommers II - Getty Images

Today's Quickies contains not one but two articles talking about how three years is the new five and that Joker Phillips is likely to have seen his last year as the Kentucky football head coach. Of course, there is much more from around the Big Blue Internet.

Tweet of the Morning:

He's everywhere, all the time.

Your quickies:

Hot Seat Watch 2012: Grace periods? What grace periods? -

SB Nation's recruiting expert, Bud Elliot, on Joker Phillips:

Bud: Joker Phillips is in a tough spot at Kentucky. The state produces very little talent of its own, and Kentucky is required to go out of state to get top talent. When it does, it must try to compete against the surrounding schools that have much better programs. There is also the distinct (and true) feeling that Kentucky is a basketball school, unlike the programs around it. There is very little reason to think that any coach can get enough talent in Kentucky to have much success in the SEC. That said, Kentucky's class doesn't have a single four-star recruit at this point, and firing Phillips would not hurt recruiting.

I think this is right.

UK basketball player profile: Jarrod Polson says confidence is up, hopes for more playing time //

Polson is set to graduate in the spring, and play his last year at Kentucky as a graduate student.

Big Blue Madness tickets illegally sold on eBay, Craigslist // The Kentucky Kernel

This is always going to happen. Rupp Arena will be full, and if a few people wind up paying a bit of money for it, I can't really see the harm. These are tough times.

Breaking Bad: Injuries create QB, secondary problems // The Kentucky Kernel

A synopsis of the bad news.

Kentucky football playing quarterback roulette // The Courier-Journal

Newton, who has started 18 games at quarterback but has only one more career TD pass (14) than interceptions (13) and threw three picks in emergency relief at Florida last month, added an odd chapter to his career Saturday. He took the LSAT exam in the morning and missed the first half of the Mississippi State game.

Morgan Newton is trying to get into law school. I didn't know that.

Tom Leach // Wednesday Links

Article: Coaches' Quips and One-liners

DC Rick Minter:

What's your (team) health status? "I feel fine. Unfortunately they don't need me out there" (laughs)."

That would be funny if it weren't true.

LB Khalid Henderson on his play, Avery Williamson, selling recruits on Kentucky | vaughtsviews

Question: But how do you avoid being frustrated with a 1-5 record?

Henderson: “I feel like in a sense like a father does. You know how a father has bad times and keeps rolling with them. Some bills might not get paid, but you work hard to get to the next one. You have to keep moving on. It eats away at you, but you have to take it and learn. We all have winning backgrounds in some sense. I have never been used to losing. I just wish we could turn the season around and I am waiting for it to happen.”

I'd say this qualifies as a "Wise beyond his tender years" quote.

Calipari focused on this year's title, not defending last year's //

From a team standpoint, he's right of course. Some of us prefer to look at the bigger picture, though.

Billy the Kid’s kid will play for him at Florida // CollegeBasketballTalk

Continuing a fairly common tradition in college basketball.

3 UK football players enter not-guilty pleas // The Kentucky Kernel

Offered without comment.

Injury-plagued Kentucky Wildcats football team playing 26 freshmen // Juneau Empire

Plague? I'd call it a full-fledged pandemic.

Kentucky Sports Radio // Mila Kunis’ Wednesday News and Views

The current VIP guest list for BBM: Marcus Lee, Andrew Harrison, Aaron Harrison, Derek Willis, JaQuan Lyle, Cliff Alexander.

James Young is also expected to visit, although it hasn’t been confirmed.

Okay, just for a little schadenfreude -- remember when it was reported that the Harrisons would attend BBM well ahead of their school announcement?

Jerry Sandusky sentenced to at least 30 years in sex abuse case - NCAA Football -

With his accusers seated behind him in the courtroom, he denied committing "disgusting acts" against children and instead painted himself as the victim. the last.

Top 10: Checking in on coaches' hot-seat rankings //

3. Joker Phillips, Kentucky: Three years is the new five years for coaches in college football. Even if you do some positive things in your first two seasons, if things go south in Year Three, it might become too much to recover from. And that appears the case here. Phillips' team has been decimated by injuries in the offensive backfield. Losses are piling up. They are 1-5 and have lost their first three SEC games by a combined margin of 103-31. Worse still, they got hammered by arch-rival Louisville 32-14. Short of Phillips winning five of his final six games, UK probably is hitting the re-set button again.

I think there's more right about this than wrong.